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Christmas wrapped up
I adore I’m addicted to Christmas time. The decorations. The films. The music. The wrapping. The excitement.  Tradition. Love it.

When I think of Christmas wrapping, I’m instantly taken back to the Spice Girls’ 1998 version of The Waitresses’ classic. For those who weren’t fans, The Waitresses’ hit was, erm, revitalised, on the B-side to ‘Goodbye’. This is one of my favourite Christmas songs, despite the shocking proposal that they will give Christmas a miss. Madness.
Christmas gives us an opportunity to be thoughtful, without embarrassment. It’s the one time of the year we can say thanks. Thanks for making me a brew in the morning, for the best part of a year. Thanks for letting me whinge about my day and still being my friend (even though your ears are bleeding!) Thanks for completing my bodyweight in photocopying. Thanks, just thanks. I’m not saying that this is the only time of the year we can show our appreciation, but for most of us… it is.
 In a bid to be organised. I’m that excited for Christmas this year, I’ve already purchased and wrapped most presents. In the height of my boxing day sale euphoria last year, I purchased eight rolls of posh wrapping paper at ridiculously reduced prices. Despite the quality of shop bought wrapping paper, there’s something rustic and charming about brown parcel paper finished with a few home touches that make it my absolute favourite.

Materials needed for low-cost sentimental wrapping
:: brown parcel paper :: patterned ribbon :: Christmas coloured fabric :: embroidery thread :: needle :: Christmas spirit/s ::

Patterned Ribbon

I purchased 5 metres of red polka dot grosgrain ribbon for £1.69, including post and packaging from UK seller ‘wheresmybooknpen’. (That name though, ha) The 5 metres of gingerbread man ribbon were also purchased from eBay, but from a Hong Kong seller. They were a snip at £1.50, again, post and packaging included. Whilst international postage can take longer to arrive through your letter box, I have found it’s always worth the wait.

 Personalised tags

You may think spending at least an hour on one gift tag to be a little excessive. Personally, when I see the end results, it makes all the time worthwhile. Here is a padded heart gift tag I made for my friend’s little girl, Livvy. Her present was a ballerina necklace, but I’m sure, knowing my friend, the tag will be hanging somewhere in their pretty cottage come Christmas. Again, you can see my love for polka dots, stripes and brown packaging!

In addition…

I recently discovered ‘Yet Another Lifestyle Blog’, the blog spot of Sarah Montrose, a self proclaimed ‘thing’ magpie and Mollie Makes Prod Ed. Sarah’s  take on Cranny+b’s yarn wrapped letter H really caught my eye. It’s such a simple idea and I agree with Sarah, what a wonderful way to personalise a gift.


I’ve decided to try this as my next project. I intend to use materials that I can get my mitts on quickly. Sturdy card, left over wool and display lettering (freely available on the internet) should enable me to try my own version of this. I may even push the boat out and use polka dot ribbon! No doubt, I’ll let you know how it goes!
Do you enjoy wrapping Christmas presents? Is Christmas wrapping a chore best left until the last minute? Or, is it an excuse to crack open a festive tipple, break into the chocolates and watch Home Alone 2?

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