I Am a Winner!

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Recently, I was lucky enough to step through my front door and stumble across a wrapped, shiny brand new edition of Grazia magazine. Perhaps lucky was the wrong word choice, considering I nearly knocked my front two teeth out. A magazine subscription? Check. For ME? Check.
A week later, the same thing happened… the Grazia magazine I mean, not the tripping (that would just be careless). Grappling with my conscience, I decided to ring the magazine company and ‘fess up. The man assured me on the phone that it was indeed for me and I’d paid for it on my credit card, yikes. After a few panic stricken minutes, which involved me reciting the last 4 digits of all my major cards, he agreed to suspend the account.
It sometimes sucks to do the right thing. Even though Grazia is not my magazine of choice, it’s quite nice to come home to a glossy magazine and a hot bath. Ah the simple things in life! However, within ten minutes, there was an answering machine message awaiting me. I had won a competition! Little old me! Who’d have thought?
Ages ago, in the summer holidays, I’d bought a stick of Dove deodorant, filled in a competition form, popped it in the post and subsequently, forgot all about it. For the price of a second class stamp (every penny counts, or about 20 of them in this instance) I am now the proud winner of a year’s worth of Grazia. Even my mum is pleased, as it means she’ll get my hand me downs.
Do you have a magazine subscription? If so, what are you subscribed too? Does it brighten your day too?
As always, much love,
Donna (EBay addict extraordinaire!)

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