Yarn Bombed Gift Tag

A short while ago, I posted about low cost sentimental wrapping. Brown paper, bright coloured patterned ribbon and padded hearts are just some of the materials I chose to decorate my gifts with.
On my travels, I encountered the blogspot of Sarah Montrose, Sarah highlighted the crafty talent of cranny + b and modelled her take on one of cranny + b’s projects with a yarn-wrapped letter H. I heart this. It’s rustic and charming. A perfect way to add a personal touch to a gift.
So, with sans yarn, budget wool and only cardboard to create a template with, I embarked on my own low cost version. This is how I did it…
1. Sketch the outline of chosen letter. This is gift tag is for Katie, my crafting bff, so I chose the letter K.  When sketching an outline, make the letter slightly chunkier than you want the finished product to be.
2. Starting at the middle, secure the wool by tying it around the middle of the letter. Start to wrap the wool around the letter, making sure you don’t leave any gaps. Just like a pom-pom.
3. Once completely wrapped, work your way back to the middle by overlaying the wool. Secure the wool by tucking the loose end of the wool through the last loop. Cut a new strand of wool and thread it through the loose last loop, so you now have three threads loose.
4.  Braid the three strands to secure the wrapping and create a way to attach it to your parcel.
5. Attach to present and admire your cuteness!
Maybe it took me back to my days of pom-pom making, but I really enjoyed this quick project and it took less than ten minutes!


If you’re looking for an even quicker, ready made solution to unique gift tags. Check out WhatPeggySaid‘s blog for beautiful and free gift tags. These quirky, self-designed tags are an offering to celebrate Kim’s blog passing the 100 follower mark. Be sure to thank Kim, they’re a treat!
How do you add that personal touch to your presents? Are personal touches important? Or is a gift enough?
As always, much love,

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