My Best Friend is Expecting!

My best friend is expecting! I can finally share the news. I’m so excited! In fact, I may be more excited than her. I joke, I joke! But, I am very excited. Just think of all the  lovely* things I can make! I’m almost squeeling as I type this. Baby M is due in June, so plenty of time to panic stitch/ knit/ crochet.
So, this is a post about Jenna. One of my best friends. Here are some embarrassing pictures of us through the years. Back when we were young(er) whippersnappers…
Jenna and I have been friends for almost ten years now, since we went to university together as shy 18 year olds. My! How the time flies! The first time we spoke was by text message. We had been to college together for two years, had mutual friends, and had chosen the same degree at the same university, but had never ever spoke. I will never forget waking up, in my hall of residence, for the very first lecture and finding a text asking did I want to walk over to the lecture together. Bless!
Since that day, we have laughed at the good times, and my God, cried when times got tough. At uni, we spent countless nights up ’til the early hours completing assignments that we should have started weeks before. Why? We were too busy enjoying ourselves.  In later years, I was Jenna’s bridesmaid at her wedding, and if I ever get married, you can bet she’ll be up there with me. And now, Jenna is gonna be a mama! Another chapter to unfold.
So, I’d better get practising my crafty skills! After seeing this gorgeous blanket that the crafty What Peggy Said has made, it’s made me want to learn to crochet.
What would you make? Do you have any good ideas/ projects/ books to recommend?
As always, much love,
(Auntie) Donna
Please note * denotes my interpretation of lovely, just may be different to yours

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