I Heart Copenhagen!

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It’s official. I love Copenhagen! But then, I loved Berlin, Krakow, Munich, Paris…ah the list is endless. Correction: I love city breaks, I don’t discriminate between cities. I love exploring, taking photographs, new languages (Skoal!) and the whole ambience of a city. In fact, I love how each city is reminiscent of others, yet never the same. If I never went on a beach holiday again in my life, I don’t think it would bother me. Let’s face it, I’m pale, burn easily, and take approximately a month to tan…what’s in it for me? Sand inbetween my toes? As long as there’s a city break on the horizon, I’m happy content.

 Quite rightly, my camera was never far from my hands during our stay. I even snapped photographs in the lift! Surely everybody does that? Right? No? Just me? Oh.


After meticulously obsessively packing my hand luggage, I found that clothes were the least of my worries…the more layers the better. You may have spotted a picture on Instagram where I admitted to wearing a quarter of my packed clothes. Yes, it was cold. I’m talking icy wind blowing, rain lashing cold…and that was on the warmer days. My Kate Bush hair did not stand a chance.
During our five day stay, we visited most of the sights Copenhagen had to offer. Nyhavn, Borsen, The Royal Palace, The Little Mermaid, Carlsberg Brewery, Tivoli Gardens, Rundetårn and the Danish Resistance Museum to name a few.
Here are a snippet of my favourite times…
1723 Guuids :: An old tavern, noted to be the oldest taven in Copenhagen, with a huge bottle of Jameson’s, Guinness on draught and hot Glogg to warm, it soon became my favourite place to be. It started as a meeting house, close to the metro station, but became our before and after dinner place to drink. Was it the friendly bar staff, the Wakefied barman who we swore was Danish, the lampshades which were autographed by previous drinkers, the picture wall set on bright red paint? Who knows? We were keepers.

Obsessing about Sara Lund and The Killing :: City Hall :: The Danes don’t seem to have heard of this cult show, in fact, it may not have been aired in Denmark. We were a mixture of devastated and gobsmacked. We had all seen series one of The Killing, all  fallen for the red herrings of the series and had all developed an unhealthy obsession with Sara Lund and Troels Hartmaan. So, seeing City Hall looming in the distance, we heard the thud which greeted each shot of City Hall during the tv show. However, nobody else paid it much attention so we were able to photograph it with free reign.


 Tivoli Gardens :: Adventure Land :: Magical, just magical. Imagine Christmas Markets with more glitz, a Scandanavian amusement park, mixed into one with fairy lights and you may come close to Tivoli. Maybe it was because it was Christmas time and we were there at dusk, but the tree with the glowing red hearts? I’ll remember that for a long time.

Lobster bisque and Champers :: Nyhavn :: The pretty, coloured harbour side houses, the endless boats, the reflection on the water as the sun bounced off it. Uber gorgeous, just like a postcard. We enjoyed a glass of Lanson and lobster bisque there one night, just the one night, mind. Denmark’s economy must be booming…


Danish Resistance Museum :: I love European history surrounding World War 2. In particular, I enjoy reading survivor’s stories and tales about resistance. (As an aside, my holiday reading was a book called’Survivor’ by Sam Pivnik.) So, to learn about it from a Danish angle was a real treat for me… *puts geek specs on*. What was even better, in a city that is so expensive, this museum was FREE!


 Visit Carlsberg :: My chosen tipple varies from month to month. At the moment, it’s Jameson’s and ginger ale. Last month, it was Timmerman’s fruity beer, and before that it’s been Guinness, Rekorderlig, Kopparberg. Moreover, it has never been Carlsberg. However, that did not deter me from the brewery tour, nor a free drink at the end. Lots of posing opportunities, as you may have noticed, and a little history about Carlsberg. Grand.

Shopping at H&M’s flagship store  :: Why don’t you just buy it at home? Where’s the fun in that? It’ll be cheaper. It won’t be from Copenhagen. Men! The benefit of holidaying with another couple is that I could go shopping, guilt free! So whilst the men folk went to the public drinking house, we hit the shops. I was eager to see the H&M flagship store as a good friend of mine works, lives and breathes H&M. Was it different? Not one bit. Not even the stock. However, I did manage to pick up a few beauts…my reward for packing so light! A (part) angora sweater and spiked necklace, it was love at first sight. Here’s a picture of me posing (for a change!) in the new spoils.

Would I return to Copenhagen? Probably not. Not because it’s not picturesque, or there aren’t things to do, or their nightlife isn’t up to scratch. It’s all above par. But because I’ve seen Copenhagen now, ticked it off the list and filed away the Lonely Planet Guide. Great place, great people. Definitely worth a visit.

So now it’s time to leave you and return to some school work*.

What city breaks have you been on? How long do you usually go for? Have you been to Istanbul? Do you agree travelling is addictive?

If you want me, I shall be perusing the EasyJet sale… looking for flights to Istanbul, I hope that’s next.

Much love,

Donna x (Danish resistance expert, ha!)

* see procrastination, eBay browsing, Big Bang Theory watching, sales shopping, chocolate eating, posing, general laziness.


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