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February 2013

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    Playlist 1.0 :: February Earworms

    When Erica requested a mix-tape of melodic wonderness, her wish was my command. I’m a list maker of music you see. So much so, each Spotify ‘mix-tape’ playlist is named by month. It’s the novelty of listening to a playlist from months ago, it brings back memories and emotions.

    You may have noticed most of my blog posts start with a playlist, a list of songs I’m listening to whilst I write. For me, music and writing are woven together. With that in mind, each month I’m aiming to bring you a playlist blog post of my musical earworms.

    February’s playlist was influenced by sunshine, and lots of it!

    There’s something about this time of the year. The time when the sun decides to come out once again and makes us look forward to spring and remember the summers past. For the first time, in quite some time, I’m feeling positive about the future. I feel uplifted, like there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s no coincidence that I’ve immersed myself in music as no feeling of happiness would be complete without a playlist to accompany it. These are the songs that have been filling my every waking hour.


    What are your February musical earworms? Recommend me a band to listen to?
    As always, much love,
    Donna (Musical List Maker)
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    Let’s get this look

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    Dainty Doll Sometimes, an offer comes along which sounds, well, too good to be true. So, when I saw a tweet saying I could buy…

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    From the weekend

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