Playlist 1.0 :: February Earworms

Playlist 1.0 :: February Earworms

When Erica requested a mix-tape of melodic wonderness, her wish was my command. I’m a list maker of music you see. So much so, each Spotify ‘mix-tape’ playlist is named by month. It’s the novelty of listening to a playlist from months ago, it brings back memories and emotions.

You may have noticed most of my blog posts start with a playlist, a list of songs I’m listening to whilst I write. For me, music and writing are woven together. With that in mind, each month I’m aiming to bring you a playlist blog post of my musical earworms.

February’s playlist was influenced by sunshine, and lots of it!

There’s something about this time of the year. The time when the sun decides to come out once again and makes us look forward to spring and remember the summers past. For the first time, in quite some time, I’m feeling positive about the future. I feel uplifted, like there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s no coincidence that I’ve immersed myself in music as no feeling of happiness would be complete without a playlist to accompany it. These are the songs that have been filling my every waking hour.


What are your February musical earworms? Recommend me a band to listen to?
As always, much love,
Donna (Musical List Maker)
What I Wore Today :: Pink!

What I Wore Today :: Pink!

Pssst! You can now …

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Playlist :: Dog is Dead : Talk Through The Night :: Veronica Falls : Bury Me Alive :: Wild Nothing : Nocturne :: Jaws : Surround You ::

Dress : Primark :: Cardigan : H&M :: Boots : Debenhams :: Bracelet : H&M :: Bow : Katy at
There’s nothing I enjoy more than reading an outfit of the day post. Maybe it’s me being nosey, but I do love seeing different styles and how others piece their outfit together. Usually, I don’t have the luxury of posting my outfit choices, unless I can manage a self-taken mirror shot. When visiting my parents late this afternoon, I decided to enlist my mum’s help and ask her to snap my outfit.

By now, you should know that I have a dress buying problem. Never was this more evident than this morning. Rummaging through my wardrobe, I easily laid my hands on not one, but two dresses that were brand new with tags still attached.
I loved this dog print dress when I bought it, possibly in March, but I never had anything to match it. So, it seemed fated that I should find it the day after purchasing a bright pink cardigan. Now, for the record, I’m not normally a pink wearing girl. But I do love this. When I saw it in H&M yesterday, it was love at first sight. I love the black edging, the cutesy pockets and I’m taken with how well it sits with the dress collar.
Not the most adventurous of outfits, but so so comfy and perfect for a day of mooching around the shops. I teamed it with a biker jacket and a huge scarf. With the oversized bow and heart bracelet, I wanted to toughen it up a little.
For now, I shall leave with you with my bargain of the week. I picked up the brand new Veronica Falls album for a fiver today! This song, on repeat, all…the…way…home! Lush!
As always, much love,
Donna (Recovering dress addict)
27 Dresses … more like 100!

27 Dresses … more like 100!

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. When I decided to give up my dress loving ways, I had no idea of the challenge that lay ahead of me. Estimating that I had a mere 60 dresses, I alarmingly discovered yesterday that I am nowhere near to this number… not even in the ball park.
In the space of one hour, these are the dresses that I cleared…
There are a total of 33 dresses there. The whizz kids amongst us will know that, based on my previous estimate of 60 dresses, I should now be at my magical number of 27 dresses.  But I’m not. Problem is, I haven’t even started on my wardrobe yet. I have dresses on hangers, dresses in my ironing basket, dresses hanging on wardrobe doors, dresses in the laundry basket. All the time, this pile stares at me menacingly, menacingly challenging me to eBay them away.
I recently read in Grazia that, ‘Your wardrobe should consist of no more than 30 items that represent who you are in different parts of your life. Give away anything you haven’t worn in a year.’ (Kate Nightingale, Style Psychologist)
30?! No more than 30 items …in total?! Now there’s a challenge and a half! Suddenly, the task of whittling just my dresses down to a magical 27 shouldn’t seem so, well, daunting. But it is! I would love anyone with 30 items in their wardrobe to contact me and tell me how! In fact, I would happily let them chow through my wardrobe if I felt that this would work… Erica, no!
Alarmingly, not having a bank of ‘brand new with tags’ dresses is making me really look deep within the realm of my bulging wardrobe and my mindset. I have made some startling discoveries;
  • I own two skirts (I know, two! Over 100 dresses and 2 skirts)
  • I wear dresses nearly every day (I hate my thighs, dresses are my friend)
  • I single mindedly shop for dresses and disregard everything else.


After a shopping trip with mum today, I’ve began to realise just how good this Lenten promise is for a dress addict like me. Not only is it saving me money, it’s making my wardrobe well-rounded. Today, I’ve really looked for accessories that will compliment the dresses I already own. I also looked for a red a-line skirt, but the skirt Gods were not in my favour. Although I’m still longing for dresses, I’m not indulging. Here’s what I bought:

1. Monsoon blue leather ballet pumps £8
2. An assortment of H&M jewellery (Yes, Susanne, I thought of you!) £8
3. H&M pink cardigan £15
4. TK Maxx jewellery tray £4 (for my new jewellery, of course!)

Total spend: £35

In a couple of days, I’m hoping to be somewhere nearer to the ‘final cut’. It’s been hard work figuring out what should be kept and what to wave goodbye to. For anyone wishing to have a wardrobe detox, I’m planning a blog post on how to have an eBay clear out when clothes tug on your heart strings. Plink, plink, plink!
With my fantastical future eBay pennies, I’ve so far decided to buy a new Cambridge Satchel and donate some money to charity. Yes, I think I’ll need to sell around 500 dresses for the target figure I want.
So, for now, I’m off to drink Guinness and flounce around in my dress collection. Making the most of them, aren’t I?
As always, mucho loving,
Donna (dress addict)

Let’s get this look


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Dainty Doll

Sometimes, an offer comes along which sounds, well, too good to be true. So, when I saw a tweet saying I could buy Dainty Doll make up for a bargainous price of £1.99-2.99 per item…I had to check it out.

As a fair skinned lady, Nicola Roberts’ ‘Dainty Doll’ make up range has always appealed to me. I’ve scouted Boots on numerous occasions but never taken the plunge. Why not? Well, despite always buying the palest foundations, (we’re talking 001 Ivory here) I’ve never had the problem of orange undertones which many report. So it always seemed a bit of an indulgence.

When I read the tweet, from a well-known deal site, I was in the bath… hair full of suds, half way through the chorus of the Baywatch theme tune. Knowing that these deals quickly sell out, I launched myself out of the bath and headed straight onto the Fragrance Direct website to see what they had to offer.

My, my…there was lots. I expected to find  the dregs of the Dainty Doll range, a bargain basement, think neon pink eye shadows and glittery eye liners. I was pleasantly surprised.

So, what did I get? A whole stack of gorgeous products.

Pictured (from left to right, top to bottom)
1.   Dainty Doll Concealer Pen 003 It’s a Kind of Magic
2.  Dainty Doll Powder Blusher 001 Happy Shake
3.  Dainty Doll Lipstick 006 Baby Love
     Dainty Doll Lipstick 002 Saucy Sailor
4.  Dainty Doll Lip Gloss 001 So Vain

In addition, I also bought:
1. Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation 004 Dark
2. Dainty Doll Concealer 003 Abracadabra
3. Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Powder 003 Now That I’ve Found You
4. Dainty Doll Eyeshadow Base 001 Frankie Girl

Grand spend: £22.90
(that’s including post & packaging)

For nine products, which usually retail around the £10 mark, I’m sure you will agree what bargains I’ve scored.
A word about Fragrance Direct: Before this, I had never heard of Fragrance Direct.  I was a little sceptical about purchasing in bulk from an unknown website. My fears were totally unfounded and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I received email confirmation, dispatch confirmation and the items arrived when expected. The post and packaging was a bargain price of £1.99 and arrived safely in a protective box.
As I only wear foundation and concealer on nights out, I’m saving these products until then. Who knows, I may even do a cheeky make up review. But due to my undying love of red lipstick, Saucy Sailor was right out the box and tested this morning. It even inspired my outfit choice. I’m impressed with the colour, it’s less harsh against my pale skin tone and has lasted all day, despite a few cups of coffee!
If all of the Dainty Doll products are as good as this lipstick, I shall be a returning Dainty Doll customer!
Do you wear Dainty Doll?
What other products would you recommend for me?