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What I Wore This Week: Teacher Fashion

What I Wore This Week: Teacher Fashion

Ah, it’s been a busy time of late. I’ve had a hectic few weeks, which has seen me disappear into the ether. At work, we’ve had an RE inspection, mid-year testing and a class mass to keep me busy… not to mention, teaching! But, throughout this busy time, I’ve been snapping my day to day teacher fashion. Mustard, brights and monochrome mingled with patterns have been a recurrent theme. If you follow me over on Instagram, you may be nodding as you read this as I’ve been posting my teacher fashion there. So, as Monday looms like a thundercloud, I thought I would dip into my wardrobe and share some of my favourite work looks with you.

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I can find dressing for work a challenge. As a teacher, my ultimate goal is to look professional and smart, but on the other side of the penny, I also believe it’s important to let your personality shine. There’s a fine line to tread, somewhere between Next and Urban Outfitters.

My compromise? Mixing in pattern to my working wardrobe. A simple scarf can give an outfit a boost, or a patterned blouse teamed with a bright cardigan.

Whilst I love the tailored dresses that Next offer, bonus points for petite sizing, I find that it can restrict me and my purse. Honestly, how can I cheer lead to the rounding to the nearest 10 song in tailoring? Then, there’s the well-known sigh as yet another paint-covered hand taps me…’Misssss!’ Dress ruined. I aim to never spend more than £25 on a work dress.

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However, I accept that sometimes I may have to look a little smarter than other times and a tailored dress is the only solution for me. This may sound contradictory, but sometimes, you got to do what you got to do. So, I try to think basics with a twist. This grey, tweed dress was a TK Maxx bargain, it cost £14.99 and fits like a dream. Stretchy, comfortable and smart. It’s a simple shift dress. I choose to mix it with a collared blouse and the colour burgundy to add my own spin on it.

And then, there are the times, when it’s Friday and I think, what the heck! And all the pretty, patterned dresses in my wardrobe get giddy, until I pick ‘the one’. The one being the dress that makes me feel girly, just for the day. Okay, I may have over-dramatized the ceremonial choosing of the dress… but I’m sure you know what I mean.

teacher fashion dresses
So, that’s it. My working wardrobe for a typical week. Apologies for the low quality photography. All photos taken at 7am, with a Samsung Galaxy SII and powered by coffee, bucket fulls.

How do you dress for work? What are your work style rules?

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