27 Dresses… A Lenten Promise

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Amongst my addiction to polka dots, I am also addicted to dresses. Ah, dresses. The versatile wardrobe friend of every girl. Dress them up, dress them down, dress them anyway you want… ah dresses! Feeling a bit blue? Buy a dress. Going for a night out? Buy a dress. Deserve a treat? Buy a dress. Detecting a theme here?

After a recent wardrobe evaluation* (you know, where you get everything out, try it on and see what’s actually there? Just me?) I was rather alarmed to see that I have over 60 dresses! 60 dresses! And, alarmingly, the collection just keeps on growing

With Lent looming on the horizon, I am considering giving up…buying dresses. No whines of, ‘but it’s only from eBay,’ or ‘it was cheap in the Topshop sale.’ No. more. buying. dresses. For forty days and forty nights! Actually, as a friend of mine pointed out, Lent is slightly longer than this. Thanks for that Katie.

Seriously, over 60 is a little bit ridiculous? If I had endless wardrobe space, and an endless pot of money, I wouldn’t consider it a problem. But, I don’t. Plus, I’m not sure I’m getting the most out of my money.

Recently, I did something I never do. I bought an expensive dress as a little treat for my first pay packet whilst doing my new role. Sounds completely contradictory of what I just said, right? Stay with me. I wore it last night and felt a million bucks! Would I wear this dress again? Definitely. Over and over again. It was comfortable, fit well and not a fashion piece.

So, it got me thinking. Over the Lenten period, in addition to not buying dresses, I am going to try and whittle my dress wardrobe down to the magical number of 27. A range of 27 dresses that are quality pieces and will serve me well for a range of different occassions.

What for the remaining 33 dresses? I’m going to eBay them. Get rid! Clear room! Just keep the dresses that fit well and are wardobe staples. Over the years, I’ve sold lots on eBay and raised a pretty penny. I’ll use the money for travelling, but with it being Lent, I’ll donate a chunk to a charity I’ll decide on closer to the time.

What are your Lenten promises? How many dresses do you own?

Wish me luck!

Donna  x (Dress addict)

*Wardrobe evaluation :: A day where I try all the pretty dresses I own on and decide after much umming and ahhing to part with none of them.

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