On Tuesday, the lovely Becky of Becky Bedbug blogged about her 25 diaries in this post: ‘My Diaries 1998-2003’.  Reading the snippets had me in stitches, I related to so much of what she said.

So, climbing up to the top of the wardrobe (on a rickety chair), I found the familiar polka dot box…covered in dust and hiding these four diaries. I always loved to write, and from the age of 13- 19 I used to write daily. Yes, daily and in copious, mind-numbingly boring detail. If you ever wanted to know what I had for tea on the 6th November 1998, it’s there.

In this post, I will share with you some snippets taken from the first diary I ever had, the hedgehog diary. It was a birthday present given to me at my 13th birthday party.

(Just as Becky did, I will  attempt to keep spelling, grammar and punctuation in tact, even though it will kill me to do so.)

My first entry…
Sunday 26.10.97 October

I woke up at 9.55am (well the clocks went back so 8.55am) after going to bed at 3.30am. Opened all my B-day cards then went down to breakfast, all I eaten was an egg ‘n’ sausage. I’m love sick so it stops me eatin.

[My friend] asked [boy] out 4 me. He said yes and we danced three times! Twice funky and the last time was to ‘Candle in the Wind’ (We wuz so close he had his arms around me)
Sunday 7.11.97 November
It’s over between [boy] & me and I’m seeing [another boy]. Phwoar! We went out on Friday night and we linked at first then held hands. We arranged to go to town and we did we waited 4 a bus 4 an hour. We walked around and we had our arms around each other.

Saturday 28.03.98 March
On Saturday is was [friend]’s party. I wuz really looking forward to it I spent hours gettin ready I looked really nice. [Boy] got there and didn’t even say hello to me. [Girl] came running over to me and said ‘do I mind if [another girl] dances with [boyfriend]?’ I said it’s a free county hoping [boy] would say no. Anyway a slowy came on and I went to take [boy]’s hand and he took [other girl’s hand]. [Friend] said boy was now seeing [girl] and that he went round to her house 4 times the other day.
Yep, my first heartbreak.
Tuesday 14.04.98 April
[Friend] came bowling with us the other day whilst [family] went to the Spice girls concert. When they came back from the concert they said that they pulled up behind a green jag and Posh and Beckham wuz in it! I wuz sick as a dog about it.
Thursday 4.06.98 June
Hi, I thought I wouldn’t be bothered writeing and I can’t. Bye bye.

Step Into Spring … Trina

Step Into Spring … Trina

I’m here to do a little Spring guest post for Donna, who I recently started chatting with on Twitter. If you’ve just stumbled across this blog post and have never checked out her blog I highly urge you too! She has great content. Now, on to the reason I’m here! Living in NYC is super expensive, and I love to cut corners when I can, especially in the effort to stay as fashionable as possible. That leads me to the land of all things good, eBay. I love everything about eBay, the affordability, the effortlessness and the diversity of products all in one place. On top of it, I get a mad rush during bidding wars! I. Will. Not. Lose. Haha. Here are my picks for the spring!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos ipad mini case | socks | cocktail dress | satchel | flats
All of these items are super affordable and super cheap. I love anything floral, so the ipad mini case is right up my alley! The neon satchel is definitely on my to buy list, it’s an affordable way to stays with the trends, and neon is huge right now! The cocktail dress is great for spring parties, the flats are a nice everyday staple and the socks add a girly touch to any outfit! That’s it guys! I hope you guys liked this! If you did or have any eBay recommendations, leave a comment below! If you want to see more posts like this, as well as weekly music posts and ootd’s come over and visit me at Trina Wears and hopefully I can come back and do some more guest posts! Thank you so much Donna for having me!


 Saturday was my Christmas.
Sounds strange, I know. By that I mean, the day had arrived when I could finally cash in my Christmas present from my good friend, Katie. 2 tickets to see the London indie scamps, Veronica Falls at Manchester’s Deaf Institute. As luck would have it, in March, some of my teacher friends also booked to go and a group night out was born.



Deaf Institute on Manchester’s Grosvenor Street
In the days leading up to the gig, we ummed and ahhed about what to wear. What do you wear for a gig followed by dancing on  a Saturday, in a student area?  Naturally, Facebook messages were sent, discussions over coffee (and marshmallow Twizzles) had occurred and options were discussed. Luckily, divine intervention in the form of Susanne struck gold when she blogged about this amazing pinafore dress and so, this is what I wore…

 1. Sailor Blouse :: Forever 21 2. Pinafore Dress :: River Island
3. Heart Tights :: Forever 21 4. Boots :: H&M
5. Earrings :: Dorothy Perkins
 The Deaf Institute is my favourite music venue. By a mile. Upstairs hides a quaint music hall, complete with theatre seats. To describe it as a hall is rather deceiving. The hall comprises of a small area of standing room and tiered seating. The stage size is akin to a primary school stage, the kitsch look is complete with bird print wall paper and a camera unfriendly red light glow.
Enduring the support band, Brown Brogues, we inched closer and closer to the stage, you know the awkward foot shuffle? When you don’t want to appear too keen, but you have your eye on an awesome spec? Yeah, that. Two Corona’s later, enter Veronica Falls.
 Not wasting any time, they launched into the ethereal, floating melody of ‘Tell Me’, the opening track of their second album, ‘Waiting for Something to Happen’. Clearly not suffering from nerves nor jitters, lead singers, Roxanne Clifford (see above) and James Hoare, launched into their setlist with the upbeat melody of ‘Bury Me Alive’, macabre lyrics but jingly jangly indie. A perfect combination.


Berlin – Pictoplasma

During the Easter holidays, I was lucky enough to visit the city of Berlin. I’d been once before, during one snowy December in 2009, but had only sampled the tourist sights… the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, DDR Museum. I knew there was more to this historic city, so when the chance arose to go back…I didn’t need to be asked twice. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my stories of alternative Berlin in a mini series. By that I mean, the non-tourist aspect that my second visit was  happily consumed by.

Pictoplasma 2013

Billed as the world’s leading festival and conference of contemporary character design and art, Pictoplasma can quickly be described as a visual explosion of colourful creativity. Bright, modern and inspiring, this arts festival is like no other. So, when I discovered I’d be in Berlin for the entirety of the festival, I decided to investigate.

 Four years on, still adopting the same pose, outside FIT, work by Klub7 Artcollective / DE It’s Like That
Held in various venues across the city, Pictoplasma artists take over shop units,  showcase in book shops and feature in art galleries. The festival hosts artists from all over the world, including the UK. You may have heard of Billy&Alex or Felt Mistress, just two of our artists exhibiting at the festival.
 ‘If it looks like art, it probably isn’t’
A quaint book shop hides behind it’s doors the fluffy work of Nina Braun and Moki’s ‘Wanderlust’
With 22 exhibits, scattered across a capital city, you can imagine the task at hand for a four night stay. We managed to see all, but one. My camera snapped over 700 images, some of which you will have seen over on my Instagram. Some of the pieces of art were very, erm, thought provoking. Doodles, fluff and whimsical brush strokes anyone? But that’s what I like about art, it’s subjective. One man’s Picasso is another man’s Turner, or something like that! Here are a few exhibits I enjoyed most.
Felt Mistress
Felt Mistress, aka Louise Evans, a UK based stitcher trained in fashion design and millinery, used to make wedding dresses until her felt creatures took over her day job. And, it’s not hard to see why. Bursting with colour, vibrancy and personality, each creature has its own persona. Whether it be the coffee and doom loving Groam (be wary, he has a wicked tongue) or the ever optimistic and complimentary G’goob (My head is a good size for a hat apparently) there is a creature to appeal to all. My favourite? Stylist and blogging power couple Amphibina De Lorian and Anton Trench (right) but Gooplin (left) is a close second.
* A big thanks to Felt Mistress for helping me fact check the creatures names.
Jon Burgerman
When someone describes themselves as an artist and salad enthusiast, you can tell that there’s humour to be found in their work. Guaranteed to raise a bemused smile, at the very least. Burgerman’s cutesy style hides behind it a deviant yet comical outlook to life. I’m sorry my brain was set to stupid or 2nd place is first place loser. Witty, bright & humorous.  A winner everytime.
Billy and Alex

It’s not hard to see Billy’s (Alex Goodwin) passion for colour and focus on happiness. It’s what hits you the moment you spy any of her work. Whether it be her Pictoplasma exhibit, her work at the brightly coloured Common Bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, or any of the pieces of street art across Berlin, Manchester and even on a school yard wall in Derby, you are guaranteed to raise a smile. Bursting with positivity and energy, Billy’s work is a firm favourite.

Whilst our UK artists captured my attention, there was oodles and oodles of exhibits which caught the attention of my camera.

 So, with good memories , artist’s business cards and a stack of photographs to keep me company, it’s now time to look forward to Pictoplasma 2014!


Hi! I’m Rhiannon and I blog over at The Sparkly Panda. This is the first guest post I’ve ever done and I was over the moon to have been asked to take part. I’ve had so much fun putting together a collage of clothes, shoes and accessories for spring, now fingers crossed we get the weather for it!
I love spring, it always reminds me of pastel colours, floral patterns and ice creams. What I wouldn’t do for a chocolate chip ice cream about now. Yum! It also means it’s not long until BBQ and beer garden weather! Anyways… with the terrible weather and the never ending winter we seem to be having, it was starting to feel like it would never end but there was a little hope this past week. I managed to leave the house without my 15 layers of winter knits on! Is this a sign of some good things to come?
While putting together this collage, I picked some of the things that I would love to go around wearing when the weather finally gets nicer. They all just say spring to me, they also have a comfort factor which I find quite important being a mum as I tend to pick clothes that say, “Yes, I can run after a 20 month old in this” so sometimes it can be hard  to look nice while running around after children or them getting chocolate ice cream down a pretty white dress. No more this year! They are both older so I can finally get my nice wardrobe of clothes back instead of having such a mumsy one.
I want to thank Donna for letting me take part in this and invading her space on the internet and I’d love to see you soon over at The Sparkly Panda.
Rhiannon x
Thanks Rhiannon, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you here! Another amazing selection of spring picks, that Boohoo dress is gorgeous! Fingers crossed for spring time weather! Donna x