It’s Your Letter… in Grazia!

Way back in November, I was fortunate enough to win a year’s subscription to Grazia. Yay me! Now, Grazia isn’t a magazine I’d normally choose to read, however it’s better than a poke in the eye and before I knew it, I actually looked forward to the glossy dropping through the letter box.
Over the past months, I’ve dipped into it from time to time. My, how the clothes in the ASOS magazine seem affordable compared to Grazia! I’ve related to few articles but do enjoy the occassional read. I won’t lie, the feature on Sarah Lund’s jumper collection was.inspired genius, and without doubt the most interesting feature I’ve read in a long time!

So one night, after a long and stressful day, I decided to pour myself a lovely hot bath, get the Champney’s bubbles out and treat myself to a read of Grazia. Shrivelled like a prune, I flicked over the page and started to read the letters page. I actually thought, “this sounds familiar,” and then realised, a bit later than is sensible, it was mine!


I’ve never written into a magazine before, but part of the article, ‘Is this the end of dating?’, irked me, it just didn’t sit right with my beliefs and I had to write in. The feature in question suggested that women in their early twenties were incapable of emotional intimacy because they refused to date and ‘settle down’…just yet. (They preferred to spend time with friends and build a career.)
For a fleeting, exciting yet brief moment, I thought they’d chosen my letter as the star letter. Alas, it wasn’t to be…let’s just call it a bad case of juxtaposition. I’m not bitter, yes it would have been nice to win the £167 worth of Benefit goodies, but the prized letter they chose toed, what I believed, was the safe and conventional line…it supported the view given in the article.
Whatever your views on commitment, I’m sure you’ll agree that we all choose to settle down at different ages. So, for it to be suggested that these women were ‘incapable of emotional intimacy’ followed by a prized letter of ‘all my friends settled down in their early twenties’ saddened me. What message are we given to our young women? This is my letter:
Whilst it’s always pleasant to be published in print (I’m stretching it a little there, aren’t I?) I’m genuinely saddened to see Grazia, a magazine which I subconsciously associate with of power, glamour and strength, to allude to the stereotype that young women have fought so hard to avoid.
What do you think? Did you settle down in your early twenties? Or did you too choose a career?
As always, much love,
Donna (Disgruntled but accepting of fate)

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