Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower

I’m so fortunate to be gifted the task of organising a baby shower for my good friend, Jenna. You will have met Jenna in previous posts: The Weekend Edition & My Best Friend is Expecting. They say, the mother of the expectant mum nor the sister should be given the task of arranging a shower, this is traditionally seen as soliciting gifts. So, as all good friends should, I was pleased to offer my services. I’ve attended some fantastic baby showers and I can’t wait to get started on Jenna’s.

As I write this, I’m in the very early stages of planning…I mean incredibly early. We’re talking scouring Pinterest. Okay, being honest… we’re talking becoming addicted to Pinterest. I’m writing this in the hope that some of you may be able to impart some nuggets of wisdom, or ideas along the way. Here’s my journey so far…
Setting the date 
This may seem like an obvious task, but setting the date  is the first place I started at. When you consider the busy schedule of mum to be (MTB), multiply it by your schedule, then add into the equation the plans of the prospective guests… you’re close to realising how hard it can be to make sure everyone can make it. Aim to set a date six weeks in advance, and within two months of MTB’s due date. Be wary about setting the date within two weeks of baby’s due date, unless you invite the midwife.
Setting the venue
Before you contact prospective guests, you will need to decide on a venue. Consider where MTB’s friends and family live and plan accordingly. Jenna lives in the neighbouring town of Wigan, holding the shower at my house in St Helens would mean quite a trek for guests. Luckily, Jenna is happy for the party to be held at her house. However, if that’s not an option for you, think about local pubs or parish halls. Remember, no matter where you hold the shower, allow at least 2-3  hours before the start time to prepare the room, food and any last minute details. I’m aiming Jenna’s shower to start at a sociable 1pm, maybe 2pm if the Sunday date is popular.
Setting the theme
As Jenna and her partner have chosen not to find out if they’re having a girl or boy, the traditional candy pink and baby blue is out. I’ve seen tons of blue and pink themes, unsurprisingly they’re the most common. For me, the most striking are the themes jam packed with colour. Think vibrant colours… green, yellow, pink, blue, red and orange!
 So,  with so much inspiration out there…it’s now time to start sourcing, making and planning! I shall keep you posted!
Any wise words of wisdom?

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