Step Into Spring … Trina

I’m here to do a little Spring guest post for Donna, who I recently started chatting with on Twitter. If you’ve just stumbled across this blog post and have never checked out her blog I highly urge you too! She has great content. Now, on to the reason I’m here! Living in NYC is super expensive, and I love to cut corners when I can, especially in the effort to stay as fashionable as possible. That leads me to the land of all things good, eBay. I love everything about eBay, the affordability, the effortlessness and the diversity of products all in one place. On top of it, I get a mad rush during bidding wars! I. Will. Not. Lose. Haha. Here are my picks for the spring!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos ipad mini case | socks | cocktail dress | satchel | flats
All of these items are super affordable and super cheap. I love anything floral, so the ipad mini case is right up my alley! The neon satchel is definitely on my to buy list, it’s an affordable way to stays with the trends, and neon is huge right now! The cocktail dress is great for spring parties, the flats are a nice everyday staple and the socks add a girly touch to any outfit! That’s it guys! I hope you guys liked this! If you did or have any eBay recommendations, leave a comment below! If you want to see more posts like this, as well as weekly music posts and ootd’s come over and visit me at Trina Wears and hopefully I can come back and do some more guest posts! Thank you so much Donna for having me!

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