On Tuesday, the lovely Becky of Becky Bedbug blogged about her 25 diaries in this post: ‘My Diaries 1998-2003’.  Reading the snippets had me in stitches, I related to so much of what she said.
So, climbing up to the top of the wardrobe (on a rickety chair), I found the familiar polka dot box…covered in dust and hiding these four diaries. I always loved to write, and from the age of 13- 19 I used to write daily. Yes, daily and in copious, mind-numbingly boring detail. If you ever wanted to know what I had for tea on the 6th November 1998, it’s there.
In this post, I will share with you some snippets taken from the first diary I ever had, the hedgehog diary. It was a birthday present given to me at my 13th birthday party.
(Just as Becky did, I will  attempt to keep spelling, grammar and punctuation in tact, even though it will kill me to do so.)

My first entry…
Sunday 26.10.97 October

I woke up at 9.55am (well the clocks went back so 8.55am) after going to bed at 3.30am. Opened all my B-day cards then went down to breakfast, all I eaten was an egg ‘n’ sausage. I’m love sick so it stops me eatin.
[My friend] asked [boy] out 4 me. He said yes and we danced three times! Twice funky and the last time was to ‘Candle in the Wind’ (We wuz so close he had his arms around me)
Sunday 7.11.97 November
It’s over between [boy] & me and I’m seeing [another boy]. Phwoar! We went out on Friday night and we linked at first then held hands. We arranged to go to town and we did we waited 4 a bus 4 an hour. We walked around and we had our arms around each other.

Saturday 28.03.98 March
On Saturday is was [friend]’s party. I wuz really looking forward to it I spent hours gettin ready I looked really nice. [Boy] got there and didn’t even say hello to me. [Girl] came running over to me and said ‘do I mind if [another girl] dances with [boyfriend]?’ I said it’s a free county hoping [boy] would say no. Anyway a slowy came on and I went to take [boy]’s hand and he took [other girl’s hand]. [Friend] said boy was now seeing [girl] and that he went round to her house 4 times the other day.
Yep, my first heartbreak.
Tuesday 14.04.98 April
[Friend] came bowling with us the other day whilst [family] went to the Spice girls concert. When they came back from the concert they said that they pulled up behind a green jag and Posh and Beckham wuz in it! I wuz sick as a dog about it.
Thursday 4.06.98 June

Hi, I thought I wouldn’t be bothered writeing and I can’t. Bye bye.


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