The life of a busy, busy bee

They say life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. When in reality, life is what happens when you’re too busy to make plans. The previous two weeks have been no exception. Work has been incredibly hectic, but thankfully, so has my social life. Here’s a snippet of what my camera spied on our adventures.

1. The Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley.
Blowing a gale and lashing with rain, Burnley’s panopticon was certainly singing. Bowing to the wind’s tune, the metal pipes created an eerie, discordant melody of sorts. Rumour has it, the tree rarely sings. Lucky me. Needless to say, the weather ensured that we didn’t stay long, just enough time to capture a quick photo whilst we had it to ourselves. 
2. Towneley Hall, Burnley.
The Tudor jewel in Burnley’s crown, Towneley Hall was hosting an flower festival on the day we visited, however the gardens were open and a fresh, Sunday morning walk ensued. As a lover of Tudor history, it’s definitely a place to be revisited to see inside. 
3. The Palace Hotel, Manchester.
Steeped in history and dripping in grandeur, a one night stay in a suite was just what the doctor ordered. Read all about my amazing stay here.
4. The Dream, St Helens.
Built in 2009, The Dream is the work of Spanish sculptor, Jaume Plensa. Built on the embers of St Helens’ coal mining history, the 20 metre head is coated in sparkling white dolomite, as a contrast to coat. It depicts a young woman meditating. Heading up at tea time, on an overcast Saturday, we were lucky to experience the dream by ourselves. You may have spotted this if you drive on the M62. 
5. Cold War Kids and 6. Milo Greene
Definitely a band to love for their recordings, Cold War Kids were pitch perfect but just didn’t do it for me on the night.  Milo Greene, however, were completely different. Soothing, ethereal melodies. Winner. 
7. 8. Hebden Bridge
Bank Holiday Monday and the sun was shining. As UK residents will know, this rarely happens. I’d say it was on par with a blue moon! So, a visit to Yorkshire town, Hebden Bridge, with friends, was perfection. Basking in the sun, we  watched the world go by as a man explained that every thing in nature had a balancing point. Tediously and carefully, he placed jagged rocks on one another until they balanced beyond belief. Vintage shops, thrifting in charity shops, Yorkshire Dales ice cream and Vegan lunch = perfect day.  
What have you been up to of late? 

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