A Sunday Afternoon Exploring :: The Abandoned Power Station

So, this morning, we woke up to the rare sight of bright sunshine streaming through the window. Looking out over Pendle Hill, it seemed the perfect weather to grab the camera, hop in the  car and go for a drive. Little did I know that shortly after, we would be exploring a derelict power station!

Urbex. The hashtag I used today to link my pictures of the abandoned power station on Instagram, a term usually used to describe the exploration of abandoned man-made structures. For the record, Urban Exploration is not something I have ever experienced before and it’s not something that has ever crossed my mind to do. Just as an aside, when I sent my mum the pictures afterwards, her response was, ‘Is it safe?’ Bless you, mum. Truthful answer, probably not. Sorry mum.

Crawling through the gate, we entered a barren wasteland, where the station’s cooling towers had clearly once resided. Following a well-beaten path, it lead us to a building that had clearly seen better days. Closed in 1984, after less than 30 years of production, the building is now a shell of its former self. It has been victim to many fires but beneficiary of many pieces of graffiti. Entering the workshop, we both reached for our cameras like cowboys reaching for their holster in a spaghetti western. The light effect from the broken glass tiled roof was simply stunning.

Finding a concrete set of steps, we tentatively made our way to the first floor to find a maze of broken rooms littered with glass and empty spray cans. Occasionally, a flash of retro wall paper could be seen through the many peeling layers. We tried to fathom the purpose of each room as we strolled through, but all that remains is charred embers and little clues.

After climbing to the third floor, we found the roof top… and coincidentally, beautiful views. In addition, hundreds of broken glass tiles which had once been the light source of the warehouse. Each and every tile broken, explaining the shower of glass littering the workshop floor. 

An abandoned shell full of hidden mementos from a long, lost era. Round each and every corner was detail that could easily be lost amongst the spray paint. 

And what now? Time for a late evening stroll, this time not in abandoned places.

How have you spent your Sunday?

As always, much love,

Donna x (Or should I say Dora?)

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