Berlin :: You Have No Idea How Beautiful You Are!

Guten abend! I’m back from Berlin!
 Tired and weary but bursting with photographs (as usual!)
…What’s that you say? You didn’t know I’d gone?
(You might have spotted my excitement in this post here)
If you follow me on Instagram (polkadotpinkskies…just saying) you can’t have failed to notice my photographic Berlin spam, for this I apologize profusely. You know me, snap happy and reluctant to let any moment pass by without a quick shot…or a few hundred. Oops
Life in colour. The brighter the better!
I’ve returned with so much inspiration I feel as though I’m bursting at the seams. For now, I’m going to leave you with a snippet of what my camera spied during my jaunt…
Still here? I am impressed! For I shall be somewhere comfortable scoffing a big bag of Haribo!
Would you visit Berlin? Have you visited Berlin before?
 If you live in Berlin, firstly I’m jealous, but secondly, do you feel inspired by it too?

Much love, for Instagram and Berlin,

Donna x

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