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With my lovely friend Jenna expecting her first baby any day now, I thought I’d share with you the story of her baby shower. Some time ago, I posted my initial ideas for her shower here, ideas which arose from hours and hours of fruitful Pinterest searching, large Cath Kidston mugs of coffee and ginger biscuits. Okay, I admit it… I made that sound like a chore, but it was a labour of love. Having never organized so much as a gathering before, never mind a baby shower, I was surprised at just how many things I needed to consider. Scratching the surface: games, food, decorations, personalization, guests and dates! Not to mention the anxiety, stress and sleepless nights.
I wanted to throw Jenna the baby shower she deserved, we’ve been friends for a very long time and she has been my rock whenever I’ve needed her. Which, to be honest, has been quite a bit in the past few months. So, it was lovely to be able to show my appreciation by organizing her a shower. 
Oh, I forgot to ask, have you got a brew? You have? Good, you’re going to need one. Care for a Custard Cream? Take two. Go on, I shan’t tell.
After texting Jenna’s friends en masse, we decided to hold her baby shower on a Saturday afternoon at the sociable time of 2pm. Two weeks before the big day, I started to prepare the finer details. I’d already considered the theme in April, I loved the idea of sunshine and showers that I’d previously seen on Pinterest, but was taken by the idea of brights and polka dots. (You may be detecting a theme on this blog, for this, I apologise, profusely.) I thought that it would be easier to buy, collect and make things for this theme and I certainly wasn’t wrong. Home Bargains, Poundland and Tesco are now my infinite and eternal friends. 
Firstly, I needed a friend who could bake! Because, obviously, everyone loves a nosh on a cupcake at a gathering. Instantly, I thought of Katie, my childhood bff. She happily agreed to bake cupcakes and cake pops, she was even kind enough to submit to my diva like requests and coloured the cake pops to fit the theme! This is why we have been friends for so long. She puts up with me
At midday, Katie and I arrived at Jenna’s house, weighed down with bags of food, drink, decorations and of course, party games, but oozing with excitement. Within the hour, we had completely taken over her kitchen and everything was starting to come together. Thankfully, Jenna had to run an errand and so the final details were a surprise…
Once everything was set up, all that was left to do was await the guests with a cold drink check out the nursery before everyone else arrived! The thing I love about a new baby’s room is the freshness. Everything is new, sparkling and, naturally, adorable. Jenna’s was no exception. Using a theme of neutrals with polka dots (oh yes, I have taught her well) the old spare room had really been given a new lease of life. See!
Before long, the guests arrived. A small group of Jenna’s closest friends, including her very pregnant sister-in-law. Most of whom I had met before, however in varying inebriated states, me that is. Introductions were made, drinks were poured and the guided tour of the nursery commenced. Meanwhile, Katie and I sat in the kitchen drinking Shloer out of stripey straws, I think we were a little nervous about meeting new people so we snapped pictures for Instagram and giggled. As you do!
A few foot shuffles and sidewards glances later, we decided to convene in the living room and open presents. As Jenna unwrapped each layer of tissue and unveiled each adorable present, we chorused with collective ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’. Presents opened and admired, we decided to move on to a few games. After all, it’s not a shower without a few games. We played ‘How big is mummy’s tummy?’, guessing wildly…whoops! A collective favourite was making our predictions, deciding how big Jenna’s baby is going to be…oh how Jenna nearly cried at a prediction of 10lbs!


Before long, it was time to say our goodbyes to Jenna’s friends, whilst I tiptoed off to the kitchen to do the washing up! Sneaky. All in all, a lovely day! Have you ever had the pleasure of organizing a baby shower?

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