A Weekend Away :: Sheffield (Day One)

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago the sun was shining, the summer wardrobe was raided and I was in the glorious city of Sheffield. Now, let’s be honest, when you think of a last minute getaway in the sun… Sheffield probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. However, a quick hash tag search on Instagram showed it to be a city bursting with street art. AA route showed it to be a city relatively close. 
Grabbing the camera and an overnight bag…we were off!
Little did I know what we were about to find…
Arriving in the city, we were on the hunt for pieces by the Sheffield based artist, Phlegm. It didn’t take us long before we’d spotted ‘Fossils’…a large, eerie monochrome piece painted onto a easy to miss wall.
Just down the road, we spied this amazing collaboration by Kid Acne and EMA.  It was marvelous. Bright with polka dots, scallops and cute foxes. What’s not to like?
Heading into the city centre, our plans were halted by a protest march. Literally. Police lining the street, blocked roads and people fleeing. It made for an unnerving driving experience and a face like thunder. Needless to say, we headed out of the centre and stumbled upon a treasure trove of street art! Ah, such luck! We spotted more work by Phlegm, Kid Acne and EMA. The boy also spied Malarky, two streets away…he had spotted this street art through alleyways and windows!
I’d say Phlegm is renowned in Sheffield, every corner turned seemed to surprise us with his iconic monochrome art. Check out the Millennium Gallery’s entrance! Wow! What I like most about his work is the intricacy, the detail he puts into every single piece. The creatures that unnerve me but fascinate me all at the same time. Look at how he turns an electricity box into a castle…imagination that, pure imagination.
Now, I’ve mentioned that we stumbled upon quite a bit of street art. True. We also found an amazing art gallery and were lucky enough to catch the curator for a quick chat. He told us of more locations of Phlegm, EMA and Kid Acne that we may have missed, as we weren’t locals. His directions lead us to an abandoned factory oozing with some of Sheffield’s most prolific street artists, and some not so famous.


 Ah, you’ve spotted the beauty of Coloquix’s work above haven’t you? Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous? I love the monochrome with the brightness of the green. I shall be printing these off to brighten up my kitchen one day soon. 
You might have seen in my ‘Reasons to be Cheerful‘ post,  a little series that I’m going to post when things make me smile…the little things. I mentioned that I was looking forward to going to Sheffield for a spot of thrifting too. So what did I buy? Absolutely nothing! Our day was jam packed with spotting street art!
So, how have you spent this rainy weekend? Have you ever been to Sheffield?
As always, much love,
Donna x

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