Life of Late :: A Little Down Time

Well, it’s safe to say that I have been off the proverbial radar of late. The #lbloggers chat has passed me by each and every Sunday and on twitter, I’ve lurked but rarely said a word. My, I’m starting to feel invisible! I’ve been blogging, but saving them to drafts. A few posts have made it through the net and onto the world wide web! Truth be known, I’ve been a bit of a Miserable Minnie! Time away from blogging has meant that I’ve been able to see more of friends and loved ones. 
My weekend started early this week, with the weather being beatific, my friends and I decided to have a picnic style tea and a bit of a catch up. Typical that on Thursday it should decide to howl it down! We spent the night (indoors) making loose plans for Kendal Calling, which involved winning a weekend stay in a luxury pod as the main plan, deciding if we should pay to pee and the likelihood of greasy hair issues. Always cheers me up having a wee chat to the girls. Suddenly, things don’t seem half as bad.
So Saturday was a lazy affair. After a much needed lie in, the boy and I decided to have an afternoon out here…

 It’s Queen Street Mill Textile Museum, Burnley. Famed for its appearance in the Oscar Winning film ‘The King’s Speech’. They’re rather proud of this fact and to be honest, I don’t blame them! It’s the last surviving steam powered weaving mill in the world. It’s a Victorian gem in Burnley’s crown and it’s certainly interesting through the lens of a camera.

Now something else happened this weekend that made me do a little jig on the spot…my followers jumped by 3. For those that have been blogging for a while, you mightn’t understand my joy at this. When I started blogging, I doubted anyone would read my ramblings… so to now have a total of 64 Bloglovin followers has made my weekend! So, thanks to each and every one of you …it means a lot. 

Sunday was an even lazier affair, we only ventured out of the house to go to TK Maxx and Tesco, nothing newsworthy there! However, I don’t know if you coffee lovers have seen? But Costa Coffee are offering a Tassimo coffee machine for £30! It’s an absolute bargain. The arrival of the Tassimo, teamed with Sunday afternoon lazing was pure bliss! I’ve also been finding some amazing new blogs which I absolutely adore, thanks for leaving your links in the comments!

Oh! And one other thing to share with you (which brightened my Monday morning no end)…

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