Mundane Midweek :: Strikes and Domesticity

It’s Thursday, yet for me, it feels like Sunday. This is because I haven’t been to work today, due to industrial action. There aren’t many perks of a strike and the loss of a day’s pay, however it has given me ample time to catch up on my favourite blogs. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed reading everybody’s Mundane Midweek posts, some of them have made me laugh out loud! If you’re unsure of what I mean, it’s an idea created by Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web, check out this post for a round up and other bloggers taking part.
Yes, I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon but my day has truly been mundane. So mundane, I thought it deserved a post of its own. It started with the trusty alarm clock, set for 6.50am. I had such good intentions of getting up at my usual school time! Did it happen? Hell no. 8.30am. Oops.
Does anyone else get a ridiculous amount of emails about voucher codes and sales? Normally I delete them straight away, but I decided to open Debenhams’ offering. Betty Jackson.Black ‘Camilla’ bedding reduced to £19.50. Erm, yes please! 

After a truly frustrating check out experience from them, I thought I’d check out Topshop’s sale. There’s so much I want in the sale, yet so much not in my size in the sale. Cue more frustration. Those leather tan sandals will be mine! Then I spotted the Cath Kidston sale. Oh my days! I made two purchases, both as gifts for a friend. However, if this London Backpack would have been in stock, let’s just say I’d be very poor right now. 
I will admit, I spent more time than I should working today. But the reports won’t write themselves and I have *a lot* of work to get through in very little time. So the next few hours passed like a blur. My only breaks were to wash my bedding , empty the dishwasher and reheat some pasta for my dinner.

And what am I doing now to make the day truly exciting? Well, I’m about to cook tea and do some more work. Rock and roll.

How’s your day been?

As always, much love,

Donna x

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