Book Lovers of the World Unite :: Reasons to Stay Cheerful No.2

After lashings of rain, I think we’re all in need of some cheer.  This isn’t the June weather I, nor my summer dresses, were dreaming of. Let’s hope July is on hand to spoil us with sunshine! With so much rain around, it seems only natural to curl up with a well-loved book and indulge in 

Reasons to be Cheerful No.2 : Books

When I was younger, I was an unashamed bookworm. Books were captivating and their only limit? Imagination. Oh, and pocket money. Personally, I’d like to think back then I was a modern day Matilda  (just quite a bit older and not as clever). I would read as my teacher was doing the register, morning and afternoon, read after lights out, read whilst eating breakfast and any other (in)opportune moment. I remember reading the entirety of the Sweet Valley High series, although I had to visit our town’s central library each Saturday to seek out unread books. Isn’t our library a beauty? (I’ve talked about my love of this library here.) 


When I was in year 6, we had a teacher called Mrs Tomlinson. After our SATs were over, and level 5s secured, she started to read the book ‘The Silver Sword’ to us. I remember being enthralled by the plight of the Balicki family as they were torn apart by the Germans in war torn Poland. (I claim that it was here that my fascination of World War Two and the Holocaust started.) Sadly, the summer holidays came before the end of the book and I never learnt if the family met again!

As I grew older, books became a rare pleasure. It seemed that there was just too much to cram into the day. At best, I was managing a few pages each night until, sadly, books were squeezed out entirely. Until recently. Until the discovery of audio books! 

Chatting with the boy late one night, we were surprised to discover we both held this book close to our hearts. He downloaded it and lying in bed we started to listen to the tale of the Balickis. It was so relaxing. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep…always at the best part. Typical. I’m now considering audio books to keep my company when I’m ironing, cleaning and cooking tea. 

Did you know? You can take audio books out of the library for free? If you’re not a fan of libraries, Love Film offer a streaming service on audio books. I’ve yet to look into this in detail, but it’s something I’m considering!

Do you listen to audio books? 

As always, much love,

Donna x

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