Apple, Peach, Plum Pie, You’re the Apple of my Eye

Isn’t this weather absolutely beautiful? July, you’re really spoiling us! With the arrival of a new dress and dreams of a long, hot summer, I thought I’d share with you my latest sale bargain! I’m not one to wear summer dresses. Usually, I try to ignore the fact that summer is happening and cover my pale, corn beef skin with regulation skinny jeans. However, it’s just too hot and my inner flamboyant side is enjoying my new found girly side. 

// Dress:: Nishe at Asos // Shoes :: Dune  // Bag :: EBay // Bracelet :: Primark // Necklace :: Charity Shop //
I’m always unsure of what to wear on summery evenings, it can go cold quickly and it’s so easy to be caught out. An upcoming meal out with friends in Didsbury, Manchester, called for a new, budget dress. 
Feeling fruity (geddit?), I instantly snapped it on Instagram. Turns out, it wasn’t just me who had a (fruit) crush on this dress. Maybe it was the apple buttons, the embroidered fruit salad motif or the cute and sheer puff sleeves? 
I was a smitten kitten. 
It was the perfect dress for a balmy Saturday evening. Comfortable and cool. I’m now planning future adventures for the dress, you shall go to Vienna! 

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