The Accidental Thrift :: The French Chair (Ooh La La!)

For some time, I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a French style chair to place in the bay window of my bedroom. I imagined I’d sit and read Tolstoy, feet perched on the edge of my bed, coffee close by and while away the summer days. All my illusions were cruelly shattered by the price of these chairs. Hold on to your mugs… the cheapest chair being on sale at an astounding £169!

So, imagine my unadulterated joy when I stumbled upon this beauty, quite by accident, for the price of £45. Yes, you heard me right, £45. The chair that is, not Basil. The boy and I were enjoying a few hours at Wycoller, up in East Lancashire, when we strolled past a house sale. Well, a cottage sale. How lucky!
Technically, I’m watching what I spend at the moment. However, I just couldn’t let this beauty pass me by. My bedroom is blue, the rose is blue. It seemed like fate.
After a few logical considerations, how do I fit a French chair into a convertible? Which is the closest cash machine I can dash to before someone nabs the chair? Then, the chair was mine. All mine! 
After an interesting drive down the M65, I finally got the beauty home. 


So, with only three working days left, I’m digging out Anna Karenina and stocking up on coffee. I simply cannot wait!

Do you have a reading chair? Are you a fan of the French style? 

As always, much love,

Donna x

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