Kendal Calling :: See You In The Fields

I knew the glorious summer weather was just too good to be true. If the weather man is to be believed, we’re in for a rainy few days. For these days, I’ll be at Kendal Calling in the Lake District. If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have seen my barrage of excited tweets. Yes, the ones where I ramble on about the line up, or cryptically name random bands. 

Amongst the line up are some of my favourite bands of all time and some newer additions. This Kendal Calling play list has kept me company throughout the strife of packing and key decisions. (Will one pack of baby wipes be enough?) The Fleetwood Mac cover by Dutch Uncles is an absolute beaut!

As I write this, it’s Thursday night and the jitters are setting in. Have I packed the right things? Have I forgotten anything? It’s been ten years since I went to a festival and even then I only camped for one night, yes I just admitted to that. But, along with a group of friends, I am going to another festival and camping. This trip is part of our bucket list challenge, our joint pledge to help each other fulfil each of our lifetime ambitions. (Mine was starting a blog, just in case you were wondering.) 
This one’s for Clare

So, the first day of freedom my summer holidays was spent packing, with a side portion of stressing and panic washing. At 10pm, I’m finally packed but casting a cautious eye over the Kendal Calling forums, you know, just in case. Here’s a snippet of some of the essentials I’ve popped in my bag. 

Obviously, I’ve packed the bare essentials: sleeping bag, pillow, roll mat, torch, clothes, however I’m sure I’ll remember what I’ve forgotten when I arrive there. Such is life!  
What do you take to a festival? 
What are your top tips?
As always, much love,
Donna x
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