The Accidental Thrift #2 :: Emmaus Second Hand Superstore

Recently, I stumbled across the Emmaus Second Hand Superstore, a huge charity shop housed in the shell of a former primary school. It was a welcome surprise, although I’m new to Burnley, I’d passed that way numerous time before. I had to go inside and take a look. 
Emmaus is a nationwide charity which supports the homeless. They sell furniture, clothing, bric-a-brac, crockery, vinyl, books, games…you name it! To me, it will now be known as an Aladdin’s cave of unexplored treasure. 
Instantly, I was drawn to the building’s Victorian charm. Every corner you turn reveals signs of its previous life as a school; the piano sat awaiting judgement day in the hall (although its been years since it last rang out a hymn as its middle C is akin to a ship’s fog horn), the old chalk board wishing us a happy Christmas, the high ceilings throughout the buildings or the winding school steps countless children have climbed over the years. 
Before leaving, we were fortunate to happen on a chance meeting with an Emmaus employee. I’d made the assumption that the shop was staffed by volunteers, not so. He explained the Emmaus philosophy:
“Emmaus gives the homeless a hand up, rather than a hand out.”
In return for a 30 hour working week, employees are paid with a home, food and some cash. Most importantly, “a chance to rebuild their life in a supportive environment.” 
A philosophy echoed in the employee’s words. He continued to tell us how Emmaus had given him a different life, a life of changed priorities. He also disliked my Guns and Roses t-shirt, but each to their own. 
Emmaus is a nationwide charity with branches across the UK, however you can also support Emmaus by browsing their online auctions on eBay.
As always, much love,
Donna x
Did you see my last accidental thrift? It’s a beauty!

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