Benefit They’re Real :: Yet Another Review

It seems the Benefit They’re Real mascara has captured the hearts of a million and one beauty bloggers. However, it does not hold the keys to mine. Ever since Elle treated their readers to a 4g mascara with their June issue, my blog feed has been inundated with reviews about this product. All of which I’ve read with interest.
When I was fortunate enough to win a full size They’re Real mascara, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I won the mascara as part of a bundle of Benefit goodies, when my letter was featured as letter of the week in Grazia. You can read the story of my excitement here
Benefit say:

“They’re Real lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and seperates lashes.”

Clearly, it’s doing something right as the NPD Group named it as the UK’s number 1 best selling mascara. 

(Based on Value and Unit Line sales of the Total Prestige Mascara Makeup segment for 2012 Jan to Dec)

Here’s what I think:
I count myself fortunate to have long eyelashes. When I was a child, strangers would comment on their length. Clueless as I was, I never understood the value nor benefit of this until I hit the age of 15. In high school, my parents never allowed me to wear make up until I reached Year 11. So, when the day came when I could wear mascara I finally noticed my lashes. Granted it was only clear mascara, but I got a bit nifty at curling and layering mascara for effect. I always maintained that this was child cruelty, all of my mates were allowed to wear make up, why wasn’t I? But, in reality, it was pretty good parenting – I wear very little make up to this day. Concealer, blush, mascara and I’m done!

Anyway, I digress with the story of my life. Now, let’s talk about Benefit’s They’re Real.

I will admit, the shape of the brush and the material that it’s made from is amazing and unlike any other. It is durable with a spiky, bulbous end which helps separate those tricky outer lashes. In fact, it does all of the things it promises to. However, after a working day of wearing it for 16 hours+ it starts to feel heavy on my eyelashes. But, it doesn’t budge nor smudge. In fact, it does all the things it promises to. Even so, at Boots’ price of £19.95 I’m not taken and here’s why. Enter…

Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Length Mascara, £2.99. Can you hear the golden sound of a fanfare? Or, was it an alarm because I called it Collection 2000, instead of Collection? Blame Boots. Anyway, For a snip of the price, this Collection mascara certainly delivers. It’s easy to apply and makes my lashes look just as long as when wearing Benefit’s They’re Real. However, it lacks in wearability. After a long day, I’m talking 12 hours plus, small traces can transfer to underneath my eye. But, it’s less heavy to wear than They’re Real and I don’t get the hooded, heavy eye feel. 

The price tag is the real deal breaker here. Both are effective mascaras, one lasts longer but is uncomfortable to wear on longer days. The other, lasting less time but is incredibly cheap. In my opinion, Collection Extreme Coloured Length Mascara is the real winner for me and the one I will be buying again. 

Are you a fan of Benefit They’re Real?
What mascara works for you?

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