How to EBay :: A Mini Series Coming Soon

When I started blogging, Polkadot-Pink was originally eBuy Gum, a blog to tell the stories of my eBay bargains and experiences of buying and selling on the eBay market. Nicknamed by my family as the EBay Queen, I’ve notched up a combined positive feedback score of more than 2000. So, why Polkadot-Pink? As fate would have it, the domain EBuy Gum was already taken and as I became involved within the blogging community I found I enjoyed writing about a wide range of topics; fashion, thrift, beauty, lifestyle to name a few. During this time, my love of eBay did not diminish, it just took a back seat. 

Recently, I’ve started to sell clothing on eBay again. Last year, I would sell items on a monthly basis. It was a great way to bring in a small amount of extra cash. When faced with 3 large sacks of redundant clothing taking over my office space, I decided to get my eBay on! I thought about how I’d originally intended to share my knowledge and inspire people to make money.

As if you need more persuading, eBay has helped me to afford city break holidays, a 3-D television and has given me an evolving wardrobe, with minimal ounces of guilt. I’ve been eBaying for ten years, it’s time I shared some of my secrets. 

Starting next week, I will be posting a mini series starting with the equipment you’ll need to invest in, how to have an effective clear out and where to start. You can read my previous eBay posts here:
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So, who’s in?

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