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Shopping in Liverpool :: She was a Day Tripper!

It’s not often I get the pleasure of Susanne’s company. You see, Susanne lives in North Wales now, a world away from the days of being the girl next door. So, when she suggested a shopping trip to Liverpool, obviously I said yes. Susanne has impeccable style, a wardrobe to be envious of and is a constant source of outfit inspiration. You might already know her face, she blogs over at Predict the Day

On Friday, we shopped, lunched and chatted. Predictably I missed the train, which meant I was forced  to endure a stressful drive into the city centre. Meeting at Lime Street Station, we had barely been in Liverpool ten minutes, when a flamboyant gent, accompanied by a camera crew and crowds, rapidly approached us. Imagine rabbits in a headlight blushing bright red and you may come close to picturing our reaction. Whilst being filmed, the conversation went something like this:

Him: “Ladies, hi, would you like to star in a channel 5 reality show?”
Us: “No.”
Him: “Are you interested in beauty? Would you like a free spray tan?”
Us: “NO!”

Judging by his reaction, it appears refusing a spray tan in Liverpool is akin to refusing to wash. Turns out, we’d had an incredibly lucky escape. Google Celebrity Super Spa, go on, go see. 

First up, Topshop. Specifically, the Topshop sale… a magical combination of nouns, don’t you think? Especially when new lines are added! I bagged two sale buys. Firstly, a cotton shirt which has quickly sold out, Paige Joanna has styled to perfection in this outfit post. I also managed to bag a maxi dress, in petite for £20! I’d like to imagine petite ladies reading this are nodding in appreciation of this finding this little gem, man, petite maxi dresses are hard to come by. 

Susanne had a ‘hipster wedding’ to attend and needed to find a matching top for *the* most beautiful powder blue midi skirt she’d bought. Oh, good God, it’s pretty. Oh, how my five foot self envies tall people. Mission successful when Susanne found the most perfect top, complete with sparkles. Succumbing to our growling stomachs, we decided to lunch here:

We found Lucha Libre thanks to an excellent tip off from another blogging friend, Pete. If you like recipes, food reviews and delicious looking food, you’re certain to like his blog. Specialising in Mexican street food, Lucha Libre was inviting from the moment we stepped through the door, not just for its decor. Liverpudlians always have a smile on their face. Our waitress was no exception. 

First of all, bonus points for offering Mexican soft drinks. Uber bonus points for offering them in the flavour of mango! Absolutely delicious, what a welcome treat for this driver. The menu was no different, it took us almost fifteen minutes to choose what to eat, although part of this was down to us having the mother of all catch ups. 

Stuffed with steak burritos and fizzy pop, we headed to Primark. I’ve been hearing (and seeing) a lot of good things about their Autumn/Winter collection and our visit wasn’t disappointing. Susanne whipped up an oversized jacket for £28, I won’t show you as I’m certain she will be covering it in her outfit posts.  But, trust me, it was a steal! 
So, I’ve been looking for a new bag recently. I’m becoming distinctly aware of my obsession with satchels, notably the Cambridge Satchel Company. I can’t afford to buy another leather bag and want to try and venture away from the same company, so when I spied a bright red bag in Primark (that didn’t look too much like plastic) I grabbed it. I’ll be telling you how we got on in the week. 
Primark impressed us with their Autumn/Winter clothing line, however their home department may need to take heed. Gnome candles and psychotic looking pets anyone?
Apart from spending time with Susanne, a definite highlight of the day was seeing all the new styles that are coming in for the Autumn/Winter season. I’m so inspired right now! Leather, tartan, 60s print, brights and monochrome. It’s really spurred me on to delve deep into my wardrobe and see just what I have and most importantly, what I don’t need. My eBay series ‘How to sell on eBay’ will be starting soon, fancy joining me as I clear out my closet?
Even though we only visited a handful of place, Liverpool never lets me down. Spent up and shattered, we finally said our goodbyes at 7 o’clock and headed home. Let’s not leave it so long next time, hey Susanne?
As always, much love,
Donna x (All shopped out!)

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