The Accidental Thrift #3 :: Under a Fiver

Well, it’s been a rather thrifty week which is just as well considering all the pretty dresses I’ve been investing in. (Yes, pretty dresses are always an investment, don’t let anybody tell you differently). I’ve managed to find three things I adore and still have change from a fiver, 50p to be exact. Here are my treasures.

How can you not notice this beautiful sunshine yellow 1970s fabric? It screamed at me from the bottom of the pile. Ally’s amazing handmade (and hand printed) toucan dress has given me the motivation to reach for my sewing machine again. This former bed sheet is approximately 3 x 3 metres of wonderful. For £2.50, it’s great fabric to learn with. Another Emmaus find!

My second buy was this pretty tea pot made by Meakin. The bright colours of the florals against the monochrome are what initially caught my eye. I’d innocently popped out to buy sellotape on a rainy Monday morning, you see I had ebay parcels to wrap. Walking past the charity shop, minding my own business, there it was sitting unloved and unwanted next to a horrific looking porcelain pig on the £1 shelf. It looks prettier in my kitchen, next to bright pink flowers. 

Years ago, I used to own this blouse in navy blue. It went with everything and foolishly, I sold it on eBay. So imagine my surprise when I was walking past (meaning no intention of going in) a charity shop and this was just hanging there, in my size, sat looking brand new. Quickly calculating that I was happy to pay £4 for this Topshop dream, I tentatively asked the fella behind the counter. His reply? “You can ‘av it for a quid luv.” Pound paid, I hot-stepped it out of the door before his female colleague could ask for more. 

Today, I’ve been to a car boot for the first time in months. When I woke up, bright and early, it seemed like fate. I was hoping to find a few vintage dresses that I could rework. No such luck! I walked away with a Quentin Blake book for 20p.

Have you seen my other treasures? #1 and #2

Have you been lucky enough to find any thrifted bargains recently? Or, have you managed to score any road side treasures? Let me know, I love to hear about what people find!

As always, much love,

Donna x

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