How to EBay #1 :: Let’s Get Ready to Sell, Sell, Sell!

As times get harder and clothes become a luxury, more and more of us are turning to eBay and rightly so. Whether it’s to buy or sell, use eBay to your advantage and it can save you money. For me, being responsible for a house means that pay day just doesn’t come quick enough. I don’t want to give up my city breaks nor my love of clothing, so this September I am getting my eBay on! 
Why September? Well, as you’ll find out, the key to eBay is timing. In August, the high street sales are your competitor. Factor in that people are enjoying their summer holidays and it isn’t a winning combination. In my experience, October is a successful month to sell. However, I’m taking a gamble and starting earlier. 
Let’s just say, I have rather a lot to sell…
Maybe you’re like me, an overflowing wardrobe with clothes in excellent condition that, for some reason, you just don’t wear. Sounds familiar? It’s time to let go of them and that guilt. Are you in? Let’s get started then. This is how I eBay. 

1. Clear Out What You Don’t/Can’t Wear

Try everything on that you own. Sounds simple right? Not quite. For this, you’re going to need to allocate 2-3 hours. I’m not kidding. Try absolutely everything. Put on a cheesy movie, or your favourite music, lock yourself in your bedroom and try, try, try. In the past, I’ve asked for the opinion of others when trying things on. Never again. Although their intentions were good, they just confused me. Make three piles: keep, ebay and charity

The Keep Pile

Excuse me for stating the obvious here, if it fits well and you’re comfortable in it, it’s likely to be a keeper. Consider where and when you’d wear it, if you can name an occasion or place then it’s destined to stay yours. 

The Ebay Pile

Clearly, if it doesn’t fit you’re better off getting rid. However, if it meets all the above criteria but you know you’re unlikely to wear it, it may be better to let it go and create room in your wardrobe. Before you resign anything to the ebay pile, consider if you’d buy it. Basics that are cheap to buy (plain vest tops, plain t-shirts, leggings) are unlikely to raise the money to justify your time listing them. It’s a judgement call. 

The Charity Pile

Subdivide this pile into charity and rags. Clothing which is in good condition, but I doubt will sell well on ebay always goes to charity. As an aside, I always try to be generous with the charity pile. Yes, we’re here to make money but I do buy a lot from charity shops and think it’s important to donate. If you find any clothes which are ready for the bin, stop! Put them in a bag labelled rags and donate them to charity. Sustainable and raises money for needy causes.
Now that you have your pile of clothes to keep, the final questions to ask yourself are: What does it match? What will I wear it with? 

2. Make Sure Your Items are Ready for Sale

If you’ve had clothes sitting in your wardrobe unworn for a while, chances are they may benefit from a quick whizz in the washing machine. If you’re conscious of the cost, check if your machine has a quick wash cycle. Once washed, give them a quick tickle with the iron. Ironed, clean clothes sell. Creased clothes look uncared for, who wants to buy clothes that aren’t in tip top condition?

3. Invest in a Mannequin

Sure, the postman (or woman) may give you a raised eyebrow when your mannequin arrives, but it’ll be the best £8 you ever invested. Put simply, clothes look better when worn but sometimes, it’s off-putting to see people wearing them. Silly really when you consider someone has clearly worn it before. Save yourself the awkward selfies in the mirror and get a cheap mannequin. I bought one five years ago and Manny the mannequin is still going strong.
Next up, How to eBay #2 :: Photographing Your Clothing. If you are joining me on my ebay mission, please get in touch and let me know. (I need all the moral support I can muster!) Let’s get our ebay on and make a few extra pennies!
Found this post helpful? Did I miss any key nuggets of advice for ebay preparation? Do you do it differently? I’d be eager to hear your thoughts on this.
As always, much love,
Donna x (Currently clutching on to *all* my pretty dresses)
*For the record, I’m not claiming to be an expert on ebay. The ebay marketplace is unpredictable. I am merely sharing the tips that have worked for me over the years. If you want to know the reason I started this series, check out this post: How to Ebay :: A Mini Series Coming Soon.

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