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What I Wore :: A Night at the Mozart Haus, Vienna.

I’ve never believed in love at first sight, until now. Strolling into Urban Outfitters one weekday afternoon, it was there… waiting for me. I’m talking about this sixties print shift dress. I like to think it had chosen  me. However, like true star-crossed lovers, the hefty £48 price tag was determined to keep us apart. I sought back up in the form of the Instagram jury, blog readers, even the boyfriend. I loved it but I needed that extra push. 
Convincing myself that it was a transitional purchase, I bought it. I know that in autumn I’ll be able to team it with a pair of cut out boots, tights and a layered jumper for a more casual look when I go to Berlin. At that price, I’ll have to. As my mother would say, if you wear it, it’s worth it. 
Whilst we were in Vienna, we went to the Mozart Haus to see a string quartet. From a young age, I have played the piano and naturally, as I progressed, I learnt pieces by the greats: Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, etc. So, when the boy surprised me with tickets to see music by Mozart and Haydn performed live… I was really touched! Yes, I am a music geek.
Have you ever thought, what do you wear to a classical concert? I was baffled. Most concerts I go to are alternative: indie or rock. Not wanting to stand out by looking overdressed, nor underdressed, I opted to debut the dress (as it shall now be known.) Turns out, we did stand out…as being the only people under the age of 40 attending. 
I rarely pack jewellery when travelling. For me, it’s so hard to be selective and choose pieces that will match most/all outfits. With Ryan Air being so restrictive on weight, I took very little. However, I had to pack this necklace. I think the hexagon matches the geometric theme running through the dress. It cost a grand price of 50p, in the George sale. Bargain, ja?
// Shift Dress :: Urban Outfitters //
// Clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Necklace :: George at Asda //
// Bracelet :: Primark //

I have to be honest, I loved wearing this dress. It made me feel so girly whilst indulging my love of sixties styleYes, it’s not the cheapest high street buy but it’s something I can see myself wearing year after year!
Ah, it feels good to reminisce about Vienna. Now I’m back at school, it seems like such a long time ago. Sigh. Like most Fridays, I’m linking up as part of  Rachel the Hat and Lena B‘s Passion for Fashion. Why not come and join in?
Have you ever been to a classical concert?
What did you wear? What would you wear?
Are you a fan of collared shift dresses?

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