The Accidental Thrift #4 :: The Mulberry Skirt

Charity shops. For some, they’re an endless treasure trove of kitsch, retro finds. For others, they can be an endless search for anything of quality, worth or value. I tend to fall into the latter category. So you can imagine my surprise when I chanced upon a genuine find. Yes. I found a Mulberry skirt. Mulberry’s Tippi skirt to be exact. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Surely it was a fake? Who gives away a genuine Mulberry skirt? 

A closer inspection of the skirt proved it to be the genuine article. The sizing label clearly displays the famous Mulberry tree and is neatly stitched, the skirt’s buttons are all engraved with the Mulberry name and it is clearly well made. Someone must have been feeling very generous when they decided to donate it. 
Now, I was shopping my pregnant friend Katie. Earlier in the day, I’d had to take my car to have its tyres replaced. This had hijacked our planned day of shopping. So much so, we decided to stay local. Popping in to British Heart Foundation, I’d found a beautiful tartan shift dress which was originally from Oasis. It was priced at £15, had a few plucks and I had to let it go. My disappointment was short-lived. Looking at the skirts, I babbled to Katie:
“Oh! Look at this skirt! It has pockets on the front, how good is that for work? I can put my flashcards in them. Katie, why do the buttons says Mulberry?”
She returned my clueless musings with a look of incredulous disbelief before laughing at my genuine naivety. My feelings of stupidity were short lived as I was quickly rifling for the size label. Size 10. It was worth a try. What’s more incredulous than finding a Mulberry skirt in British Heart Foundation? Me fitting my bottom into a size 10 skirt. This like never happens. Not wanting to appear too eager at the till, I browsed the knitwear… never once letting go of the skirt. 

Arriving home later that day, I made myself a brew and promptly forgot about the skirt sat in the plastic carrier bag screaming, ‘Check me out!’ Later, I discovered that Olivia Palermo had been snapped wearing a lighter shade of the Tippi skirt. Good to know. 

So, you can see my take on Mulberry’s Tippi skirt on Friday  when I’ll be linking up for Rachel the Hat’s and Lena B’s Passion for Fashion. I’m planning to wear the skirt for school, yes the allure of a pocketed skirt really is just too good to be true. 

Have you ever found expensive clothing in a charity shop? What has been your best find ever? 
As always, much love,
Donna x

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