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Have you heard? Tartan’s back in fashion. With tartan being every fashion blogger’s buzz word, I’m hardly telling you breaking news. The autumn/winter season has barely begun and we’re inundated with tartan, but inundated in a good way. With so many different takes on this trend, you can’t fail to be inspired. However, the thought of pleather mixed with tartan brings me out in a cold sweat, it works for many but not for me, I’m convinced I’d look like a Sex Pistols throw back. It’s not a look my aging self can carry off but I do adore tartan. It’s the perfect bridge between casual and smart.
Earlier in the week, I posted the story of my thrifted Mulberry skirt and promised to share pictures of it in all its glory. Despite Sunday’s rain, we managed to use my not-so glamorous back garden for a few shots. Here it is, making a fine companion for my forgotten, but beloved, YMC shirt. I bought the shirt way back in January, it was on sale and affordable. For me, YMC is a brand that offers unique basics with a twist. Unfortunately for me, it’s a brand that stretches my budget to eye-watering proportions. 
There’s something about breathing new life into forgotten clothes, isn’t there? Whilst my brogues are almost 3 years old, they’ve barely been worn. Now, I’m not usually one for matching patterns, but it just seemed to twee an opportunity to miss. 

// Shirt – YMC // Skirt – Mulberry (British Heart Foundation) // Brogues – Hudson // Satchel – Cambridge Satchel Company // Bow – Peacocks //

Amazing to consider what a £4.55 charity shop skirt can do? The brogues and shirt are officially back on the scene, even if it is just for work! Again, I’m linking up with Rachel the Hat and Lena B for their Passion for Fashion link up. 

How are you wearing tartan this season? 

As always, much love,
Donna x

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