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When you take on a new home, be it rented or mortgaged, dreams become wishes and wishes eventually become reality. In August, after so many months of waiting, I became the sole owner of a house I’d bought with my ex-boyfriend. On the completion date, the house became a home. My home. 
Since then, the kitchen has quickly zoomed to the top of my to do list. You might have seen my previous musings, Street Art Interiors :: Instagram Pictures in the Kitchen. You see, my kitchen is a blank canvas: white gloss units, wooden tops and white tiles with grey grout. The odd cupboard door is coloured magenta, it’s quite striking against the pale grey walls. 

Obviously, kitchens don’t come cheap and once the basics were purchased, the budget said no to the pretty extras. So now, the kitchen is all mine and I’m starting to make wishes about how I want it to look. You see, it just needs a little personality injecting into it. 
// 1. Electrolux Washer Dryer // 2. Orla Kiely Multi Stem Herb Pot // 3. Kenwood kMix Toaster // 4.  Gig Poster // 5. Electrolux Induction Hob // 6. Orla Kiely DAB radio // 7. Instagram Pictures // 8. Brissi Paisley Olive Jug  //
At the time of buying the kitchen, I paid for a mid-range kitchen but made the huge mistake of scrimping on the oven and hob. For £299, I bagged an induction hob and a single oven. It was false economy, false economy that I’m reminded of every time I try to cook anything in a rush, it’s like playing food poisoning Russian roulette.. Next time, I’m buying one from a brand I recognize.
As I mentioned, the kitchen is a neutral canvas waiting for bright colours to match my personality. Months ago, whilst in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, I saw lots of gig posters for sale in an art gallery. They were bands like Tilly and the Wall, The Decemberists, She and Him…you name it! They were perfect to show my music loving side and cost buttons. Speaking of music, who can resist a retro looking DAB radio? Especially an Orla Kiely radio!
As with any break up, you gain or lose custody of anything purchased jointly. I lost the tumble dryer, which isn’t ideal with winter quickly approaching. My lonely washing machine is housed in the utility room. It’s a tight squeeze but I love the space I now have. When I save enough pennies, I’m going to buy a washer/dryer and use the extra space to store my boots.
It’s going to take time until I get it exactly how I want it, but the fun is in the journey right? At least I hope so! It’s certainly been fun so far.
Do you have a dream kitchen? Or, are you making wishlists as we speak?

As always, much love,

Donna x

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