Our Mini Anniversary :: Red Hot World Buffet and Bar, Manchester

To say life has been a little busy recently, would be a mild understatement. I’ve been back at school for 11 days, but already it feels like weeks. I’m not complaining, I prefer to be busy… just not at the expense of my life! My life has been one big blur of planning, displays, marking, preparation, oh and teaching.
Over a month ago,  I was selected to be a Red Hot World Buffet Tastemaker which meant myself and a guest could enjoy a complementary meal at Red Hot World Buffet, Manchester. I booked the boy and I in for a Sunday afternoon lunch, thinking it would be a lovely back to school treat and noting it was our mini anniversary. I  then promptly forgot about it and life took over. 
Last Sunday, we woke to howling wind and rain. Howling wind and rain that we would have to battle from Burnley to Manchester. Making it to the restaurant, almost dry and slightly out of breath, we found our seat and took in the surroundings until our waitress, Liva, arrived. Neither of us had ever visited before, but Liva was pleasant and explained the concept to us: English, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Thai and more to make an eclectic mix for dinner. Wisely, she advised us to save room for dessert.
Eager to eat (we hadn’t eaten a thing that morning in preparation!)  we headed under the arches and were dazzled by the selection. Walking round like lost sheep, the manager and head chef approached us and took us to each station to explain how the food was prepared and the different selections to offer. Well! When in Rome? I made myself a platter of world wide starters: prawn crackers, pakoras, samosas, bhajis, naan bread, onion rings. It was delicious!

As you can see, we didn’t stop there. We helped ourselves to a little of everything, the boy stopping en route to table to scoff a piece of sushi. I ate Thai green curry and a chicken tikka curry, but John was more adventurous and had teppanyaki freshly prepared at the station by one of their five star chefs. Eating all that food was thirsty work! I loved that our table came complete with an ‘I’m Thirsty’ sign. There’s nothing worse that sitting gasping for a drink during a meal. Within minutes, our waitress was over taking our order. Genius.

I’m so glad I saved room for dessert. To say they were plentiful would be a mild understatement. I had a brownie, chocolate ginger cake, cheesecake, hot waffle and almond sponges. Yum! What I really liked was being offered coffee just as I’d returned to my table with my loot. I’m a huge lover of coffee and cake. My latte arrived right on time and piping hot. Perfection.

I have to say before visiting Red Hot World Buffet and Bar, I had read and heard mixed reviews. For us, it was everything we hoped it could be. There was an incredibly large selection of freshly prepared food, you couldn’t fail to find something to suit your taste and staff were welcoming and attentive. For £10.99 per head, it’s a definite bargain.

It was lovely to spend quality time with the boy for our six month anniversary. I don’t know your thoughts on mini anniversaries, but for me, it’s important to celebrate the detail in life. Take time to appreciate one another. A big thanks to Red Hot World Buffet for letting us do it in style!

Have you been to Red Hot World Buffet and Bar? Are you a Tastemaker? Do you celebrate mini anniversaries?
As always, much love,

Donna x 

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