My First Month as a Home Owner :: Goodbye September

Thank God it’s October! September has been one long, hard slog, but its end can only mean one thing…pay day! As my first month as a responsible home owner passes, I’ve had a real taste of what it’s like to manage a mortgage and bills full time. Terrifying. That’s what it’s like.
It seems cutting down on buying pretty dresses isn’t cutting the financial mustard, nor is changing the products I buy. So, I’ve been looking at other ways to save my cash and reduce my bills. It may be an age old adage, but turning the lights off when you leave a room, turning the TV off standby and using central heating sporadically (when I can no longer take the cold) just may be making a difference. I’m learning as I go. Here are some other tips and tricks I’m finding helpful.  

1. Avoid bank charges and late fees. Get organised. 

It really does pay to be organised. Last month, so many bills came out of my accounts that it was difficult to keep up with. Inevitably, there’s always those days you go overdrawn and always those times it takes you some time to realize it. When you consider monthly outgoings: mortgage, council tax, gas, electricity, water, insurance, phone, internet you can start to see how this happened. Oops. Not this month, no no.  This month I will be writing each bill’s payment date and amount right on my calendar, right under my nose. 

2. Invest in quality appliances

It’s true what they say. Buy cheap, buy twice. I’ve moaned about it before and I’ll moan about it again, never buy cheap appliances. Shall I wax lyrical about my cooker that takes an hour to preheat or my dishwasher that refuses to wash? Really, I should have done my research to find the best dishwasher and cooker. 

3. Buy a washing line or maiden

Tumble dryers are expensive! Never mind cutting down on its use, the best way of saving money is not using it all. With the exception of towels and bed linen, allowing most things to dry naturally will save you money. It’ll also help you avoid that horrifying moment you realize you’ve shrunk your favourite dress or t shirt. Been there, done that. 

4. Shop the offers

I have no shame in admitting most cleaning products I buy are from discount shops, such as Home Bargains. I’m a sucker for certain brands and quite often find I can only get these from the supermarket. It goes without saying, if it’s on offer buy as many as you can reasonably afford to last you until the next offer. A couple of months ago, I bought 6 litres of fabric softener for £6. Overkill? Maybe at the time but it’s still going. Another month I can save a few pounds. 
I’m still finding it a challenge to balance the monthly bills, let alone find spare cash to buy all the furniture and decor I have in mind. Who knows, if I carry on with my frugal ways, I may, just may, be able to afford a coffee table before Christmas.
How do you save money? 
What are your top tips?
As always, much love,
Donna x

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