The Anti-Baby Shower :: My Other Best Friend is Expecting

What do you do when your pregnant best friend doesn’t want a baby shower? Well, you plan a girls’ night in and spoil her rotten, of course! Katie is 33 weeks pregnant with the most beautiful, round baby bump. She’s developing the pregnancy waddle, so her anti-baby shower couldn’t have come at a better time!
Back in May, I threw a baby shower for Jenna, another close friend of mine. At the time Katie had recently discovered she was pregnant. It was at this party that she told me she didn’t want a shower. No fuss, just fun. 
With that in mind, Katie, her cousins and Jenna arrived last Friday evening ready for a night of corny DVDs and nibbles. It’s so good to be able to invite friends round whenever I want. I guess that’s a real perk of owning my own home, sure it can be hard to budget for the entirety of the bills but nights like Friday sure make it worth it. 

Katie has been my best friend for over 14 years, we bonded in a year 9 Textiles Technology class; the only class we shared. Ever since then, we have shared every bit of mischief together. So, now Katie’s expecting her first child, I couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass without some kind of get together.

You’d think planning for an evening in of no fuss, just fun would be easy. But planning for visitors that you don’t really know is no easy feat. By 4.30pm on Friday, I was enjoying my third visit to Tesco that week, deliberating over Fanta or Sprite, Haribo or Candy King. Looking like a prime candidate for Supermarket Sweep, I clumsily steered my trolley of panic buys to the till and headed homeward bound.

Thankfully, both Jenna and Katie arrived with freshly baked, scrumptious cupcakes. Armed with Pringles, Doritos, Pinballs, Haribo Starmix, Aero Bubbles, Dr Pepper Zero, Fanta and other goodies, we settled in my living room for a night of chatter and corny films. 

The thing about making a gesture for someone, no matter how big or small, is the pleasure that it brings. Weeks at work are always stressful, no matter what job you do. So, Strictly Ballroom, chocolate cupcakes and a pint of Guinness was  the perfect escapism for me.

My weekend has followed suit. Despite the amount of school work I’ve had to do, I’ve also spent quality time with the boy. We haven’t been anywhere or done anything of note, but it’s been just what the doctor ordered. A weekend of films and good food, perfect.

What are your views on baby showers?
Would you choose to have one?
How’s your weekend been?
As always, much love, 
Donna x 

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