EBay Fashion Fix :: 9 Autumn Favourites for Under £9

When eBay coined the slogan, ‘Buy it, sell it, love it’, they weren’t far from the truth. Had they added the word, ‘Bargain!’ at the end, I reckon it’d be just about perfect. This week, I’ve found so many bargains on eBay that my watch list is over flowing with quirky dresses, chic blouses and accessories to brighten any autumnal wardrobe. On a budget? Don’t worry. Every item comes in priced at under £9, that’s including post and packaging. What are you waiting for?

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I really adore dresses with collars. Usually, I opt for a Peter Pan or scalloped collar, but recently, I’m loving a plain white collar. They give an outfit a real sixties feel, so for £8.99 this yellow dress  is a real stand out dress for me. I’d love to team it with a biker jacket and some cut out boots. 
For months, I’ve been tempted to buy a bowler hat. The last time I was in Liverpool, I almost bought one with cat ears…before I talked myself out of it. This burgundy coloured hat comes in at £4.37, if I chicken out of wearing it, I won’t beat myself up about it. 
With party season in the not too distant future, I’m already considering sheer tights. Polka dot print or heart print, I always like to team a cocktail dress with this style of tights. For me, I like my outfits to have a bit of quirk and at £1.75 these tights will do just that. 
As with all items from overseas, it’s typical that you will wait longer than buying from the UK. I’ve bought many items from China in the past which have arrived within 14-28 days and all have been well worth the wait. With these items, I’ve never encountered customs charges but it is always wise to check before buying. 
What are you watching on eBay?
Will you  be treating yourself this autumn?

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