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When I started blogging, I started with the intention of becoming a lifestyle blogger. I missed my days of writing and never had the time to sit and hand write each journal entry. My love of photography also needed an outlet, an outlet which wasn’t limited to an Instagram caption.  It seemed blogging came along just at the right time.

I’ve always enjoyed sitting down with a mug of coffee and reading blogs like The Magpie Girl, Rachel the Hat  and I’m Being Erica. These were blogs I would return to daily just to see if they’d updated. You see, I loved their style and could identify with what they wore. So much so, Rachel the Hat and I began to joke that we were dress twins as we both owned so many of the same dresses. 

When I started blogging outfit posts, I struggled (and still do) to define myself as a fashion blogger, I’ve never considered myself to be in fashion nor to follow trends. But, in some way, I suppose I must. The high street is full to the brim of the latest fashions, it seems an impossibility that I could miss them. 

Not consciously following the trends isn’t because I want to be unique or different (although, it would be nice). No, like most things, it stems from not being able to afford to update my wardrobe with the latest fashions. I’d like to think this made me a frugal shopper, but I’m the biggest impulse buyer going. 

I guess that’s why I love the term personal style so much. Fashion blogger? Not really. Personal style, I can deal with that.

I guess that qualifies me to wear a dress I’ve had for ages! I bought this pinafore dress for a night out back in April. We were going to see Veronica Falls at the Deaf Institute, Manchester. It was £20 from River Island. With it being black, I thought I’d get tons of wear out of it. But I wore it just the once. Until now. 

// Dress : River Island // Blouse : Dorothy Perkins // Hat : Radley // Tights: Forever 21 // Boots: Topshop //

It was Sunday morning, the rain had finally stopped so the boy and I decided to go for a walk. Finally, autumn had arrived and with it herds of boisterous children hunting their stomping ground for conkers, spraying leaves everywhere as they called out to each other. It made me nostalgic for times long gone. Although this probably isn’t the most practical looking outfit for an autumn walk, who cares? Sometimes it’s good to wear something because it makes you feel good. 

Alongside the pinafore dress, these boots made their debut. Can you believe I’ve had these brand new boots sat with their tags on for almost a year? No, neither can I! A complete impulse buy in the sales, they were perfect for trudging around in wet leaves. 

With Berlin just days away, I’m putting the final touches to my packing. Practical is reigning supreme, so I’m glad I manage to squeeze in some pretty just once this October. 

How do you define yourself as a blogger?
How are you dressing for autumn?
As always, much love,
Donna x

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