Volbeat Fangirling :: A Band Signing with Danish Rock Royalty

It isn’t often that I post about music, but I’ve just met Danish rock royalty. As you’ll know, I go to watch my fair share of live music but a band signing is something I’d never done before. My friend, Jax, is a huge fan of Volbeat. She discovered them whilst travelling in America. When they were signing at Fopp before their Manchester gig last Friday, I decided to go along and see what all the fuss was about. I’m scheduling this post for Sunday, by then I may have calmed down. Whilst I’m in Berlin, let me tell you about the day I met Volbeat. (Please insert fangirl squeal *here*)

(You’ll have to forgive me for the quality of these photographs, you see I wasn’t with the boy and the mixture of excitement and novice photography skills wasn’t the best one, evidently.)

We arrived at Fopp a polite hour in advance of the signing to be greeted by a somewhat healthy queue of fans. I swear this is probably the only event I’ve ever been early to, ask my friends. If you’re not familiar with Fopp stores, they’re a small chain selling film, music and books. Manchester’s store has a diner downstairs in the basement. This is where we were greeted by Volbeat.

Despite being near the front of the queue, we were told time had run out for individual photographs with band members. My friend was devastated. It was what she’d been pinning her hopes on during the hour’s wait. Finally, our time came. We stepped forward. Nerves getting the better of us both. It was time to meet the band. 
(You’ll notice I took photographs anyway. Rebel)

After meeting the band, we took our giggling selves off into the Northern Quarter for tea whilst comparing photographs and starting most sentences with, “Can you believe…” or, “Did you see…” 

I’ve safely added Volbeat to my Berlin playlist, whilst I’m away, you can keep track of what will be blasting into my ears by clicking on my playlist to the right. Cool, huh? But for now, I’ll leave you with a song that Volbeat covered.

Have you ever been to a band signing?
Are you a Volbeat fan?

As always, ich liebe dich!
Donna x

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