Sipping on a glass of sparkling wine, I was handed my third present from the large pile beside my feet. I stared in surprise, you see… it was two weeks before my birthday. Tearing open the wrapping paper, I was baffled to find a wide-angled lens, then an instant back and finally a Diana F+ lomography camera. 

The logic behind getting to open one of presents early was that I needed to learn how to use it before Berlin. You see, I’ve always loved photography (just see my countless Instagram posts if you need proof) but until now, I’ve mainly used digital photography. Ten years ago, I was the girl with the disposable camera but back then my lens was focused on capturing the latest band or nights out with university friends. It’s safe to say that I’ve come a long way since then and safe to say, I have a long way to go now I’m back to analogue photography. 

Using an instant back and Fuji Instax Mini film has been a steep learning curve. The film is the size of a credit card, great for popping memories in my purse but difficult, for a beginner like me, to shoot with. Too dark and the image is lost entirely. Too central and the image is skewed. Out of 35 shots, there have been some disasters which have been binned almost immediately. Pleasingly, some shots have turned out and I have instantly loved them. So I thought I’d share some of my experiments with you here!
Olympia-Stadion U-Bahn Station
The Olympiastadion
Turmkunst, Steglitz, Berlin
El Bocho, Prenzlauerberg
The abandoned Bärenquell Brewery
Guess who
Do you use instant film? Ever tried Instax? 
Are you a digital or analogue lover?

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