Power of the Brow :: Urban Decay Brow Box Review

It seemed everywhere I looked, I saw perfect brows; softly rounded, high arched, extended, groomed. Whilst mine could only truthfully be described as… overgrown. Years of hiding my brows under a fringe had left them rather neglected. That’s why when Debenhams asked if I would like to review a brow product, I jumped at the chance.
Urban Decay Brow Box c/o Debenhams
Being a complete beginner in the brow world, I chose Urban Decay’s Brow Box in Brown Sugar based on the brand’s reputation. I certainly was not disappointed. Packing all the tools needed to preen my brows, this palm-size kit was perfect for taking on my travels to Berlin. The box contained two shades of brow colour, perfecting/setting wax, two mini-angled brushes and mini tweezers. 

With my fringe length getting shorter and shorter, I decided now was the time to take the plunge. Whilst locked in a Berlin bathroom, I watched countless YouTube videos, searching for the nuggets of advice that would send me on my way to beautiful brows. 

Tweezing advice sought, I plucked tentatively. You’d be surprised at the precision and speed offered by the mini-tweezers. In no time at all, my brows were groomed. Next up, brow colour. I chose to use a darker shade because of my dark, dark hair. Using the angled brush, I lightly applied the shadow at first building up the colour until I was happy with the coverage. Considering this was the first time I’ve ever applied make up to my eye brows, I was incredibly impressed with the effect I managed to create in little time. 

Urban Decay promise to deliver the tools for amazing brows and they certainly don’t disappoint. Have I got it completely right? Not yet, not even close. However, I love the ease that this product offers. In just five minutes, I can make sure my eyebrows are groomed should that gust of wind come and make them centre stage. 

Do you believe in the power of the brow?
How do you look after your brows?

*Product received free of charge. All opinions are my own. 

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