Berlin Day Two :: Urban Exploration of The Abandoned Brewery

With the sweet taste of peanut butter bagels tempting us onto the streets of Berlin, we woke early on Monday to head to Aunt Benny, our favourite coffee bar in Berlin. Discovering it was closed, we headed central to Am Alexanderplatz for the next best thing…a Grillrunner! We chomped our hot dogs whilst deciding what to make of the day.

Casually, John asked if I fancied checking out an abandoned brewery. Whilst any right thinking person would have probably declined such an offer, the adventurer within me couldn’t refuse. Exploring Spreepark had whetted my appetite for urban exploration. I’d read about the Bärenquell Brauerei on a blog dedicated to exploring Berlin’s abandoned places. I’d also read their warnings about security, shady characters and passing idioten ringing the police. Unsure of when we would return to the city, we were just too curious to let the opportunity pass.

After circling the colossal site, we let ourselves in through the fence. Overwhelmed by the sheer size of the brewery, we scurried into the nearest outbuilding to avoid being seen. Strewn with stained mattresses, defunct spray cans and junk, amid the debris we found remnants of the building’s former life.

Hearts pounding, we explored the buildings like stray cats alert to any sound that didn’t belong to us. The brewery had stood empty for almost 20 years. After the fall of the Berlin wall, East Germans were overwhelmed by choice from the previously forbidden west. Sales dwindled and the brewery was forced to close its doors in 1994. Since then, the site has become a playground for street artists and spray paint revellers. 

We were there to see the work of Ghost Patrol, an artist who has also worked in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. We were spoiled with art from other well-known artists and art from those not so famed. Watching our step, we were spoiled with art every corner we turned. 

After two hours exploring this monster site, we decided to call it a day. The shadows in the Maschinenhaus and the haunting squeaking sound had sufficiently added to the spook factor. We escaped the abandoned playground, unnoticed and unharmed, back through the fence and onto the street… like nothing had ever happened. 
Would you venture into an abandoned building in the name of art? 

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