Polkadot Pink is One!

A year ago today, I took the plunge and delved into the unknown world of blogging. Tentatively clicking publish, my first post, a thrifty one called ‘Make Do and Trend‘, went live. And voila, just like that, Polkadot Pink was born. 
Born from a bucket list, my blog became my escapism. What from? A dull, selfish ex-boyfriend, increased workload and the feeling that there just had to be more to life. Within months of Polkadot Pink’s conception, my life began again. I began to live life in colour. It sounds so cliché, but it’s true. I ditched the ex-boyfriend of six years and began trying to achieve a sensible work-life balance. 


In early 2013, I met the boy, John …again. Say, what? John and I had met at university way back in 2006 but it was never destined to be (or so I thought). He wanted to travel (and did so) whilst I pursued my dream and became a primary teacher. Seven years later, we reconnected over claret, latte and a love of photography. The rest, as they say, is history. 
So, one year on, the blog has transformed before my eyes. What started as a blog about lifestyle and thrift has transformed into a personal style/lifestyle blog with a sprinkling of thrift. Looking back through a year’s worth of posts, there are some that make me cringe. I’m leaving them there for nostalgic value. However, there are some I really enjoyed writing so I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favourite posts. 


1. The £8 Wonder Dress

2. Apple, Peach, Plum Pie


1. Stories from Another City, Pictoplasma

2. A Weekend Away, Sheffield

3. The Abandoned Power Station


One year on, Polkadot Pink now has over 150 followers. To each and every one, I am eternally grateful. I still can’t believe that people read my ramblings, but hey! Here’s to another year!

As always, much love,
Donna x

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