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Where do you blog from? When Rachel asked this question of her readers, it got me thinking about my ideal blogging space. Whilst I wish my answer could be, ‘I blog from my office. It’s quirky with a picture wall of my favourite quotes, pastel bunting and shelves oozing with kitsch finds,’ the truth is, I blog from my bed. My office is yet another room awaiting a make over (and a tidy!)
For me, my bedroom is the most homely room in my house. When work is finished for the day, I will gravitate to my bed, curl up and blog. It’s far from perfect and can only be described as a work in progress.  I have a bedside table which is almost as old as me and a rickety wardrobe bursting at the seams from years of abuse. My walls are painted duck egg blue, a boyish colour which  just makes me feel cold despite the temperature. 
Recently, the team at Argos got in touch and asked if I’d like to review a bed frame from their range. I jumped at the chance! At the time, I had a hand-me-down chunky bed base which seemed to take up the entire room. After quite some time browsing Argos’ selection, I decided to choose a new bed frame. Retailing at £74.99, it’s such a bargain. Its angular lines make it modern and stylish, yet practical. My room feels spacious once again. 

It looks as though it was made to match my new Orla Kiely bedding. The bedding was a birthday gift, which I’ve been saving until my bed frame arrived.  Now, because this bed frame was such a bargain, this left me with some money to spend. I chose to put it towards…a brand new TV. Seriously.

I’ve wanted a television in my bedroom for some time, however there’s a long, long list of home things that I need. In comparison, I wouldn’t allow myself to splurge. Thanks to Argos, I was able to afford a 32″ Bush smart TV. Thanks to Argos, I’m now absolutely hooked on Orange is the New Black. Have you seen it? 

It’s so difficult to choose modern furniture when you have vintage furniture. I’m not talking about my wardrobe, nor my bedside table, I’m talking about my dressing table. I bought this dressing table from the British Heart Foundation furniture shop. It was a steal at £45. Everybody that’s seen it in my family, hates it. Nonetheless, I adore it. I love its gold handles, it’s numerous drawers and its huge mirror. Its angular curves and legs make it a perfect match for the Art Deco theme which runs through my house. 

In the near future, the chimney breast will be painted mustard and the remaining walls will be painted a neutral colour. Above the dressing table will hang an array of black photo frames containing black and white prints from the my travels with the boy. 

Whilst my office may be full of clutter, I like to try and keep my bedroom as clutter free as possible. However, I always like having my notebooks and books I’m reading at the moment close by. From time to time, if it’s not too late, I’ll curl up with a novel and switch off from the day. Bliss!

So, there you have it. A sneak peak at my blogging spot. It may not be perfect, but for me, it’s getting there. A huge thanks to Argos for helping me on my way. 

Where do you blog from?

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