What I Wore :: Deers, Bows and Christmas in the Air

There comes a time when a dress is just too perfect to put back on the rail. Too you to say no to and why would you want to do that? Enter Topshop’s deer print pinafore, the perfect me dress. Found on the sale rack for £15, it was meant to be but it’s so bloomin’ hard to find things to match. Would you believe it’s been sat in my wardrobe for over a year? Last time I wore it? Christmas Day 2012, with a red, vintage polka dot blouse. Very Yuletide.
This year, I wanted to wear it a little more so when we visited The Christmas Fair at Ripley Castle it seemed the perfect, festive dress to wear. However, the weather had other thoughts. We took so so many outfit shots, so so many of them ended up as comedy outtakes. Unfortunately, Ripley is situated high above sea level, high winds combined with a biting cold made for shots like these:
Brrrr! Freezing and blustery, hello hair destined for hats! 
Some of my favourite looks of the moment feature layered blouses, preferably monochrome, with a twist. Add a bow and I’m smitten. Whilst I’m on the topic of cuteness, at the fair I picked up some amazing ribbon shoe laces to thread through my brogues. A snip at £2.50 a pair, I can’t wait to thread them to add some quirkiness to my brogues. 
// Dress :: Topshop // Cardigan :: H&M // Blouse :: H&M // Coat :: Primark // Bow :: Primark //  Scarf :: Oasis // Brogues :: Faith // Bag :: Thrifted // 
If you’re familiar with my blog, it won’t have escaped your notice that I’m a lover of quirky dresses. Recently, I picked up that Primark collared tartan dress. Every blogger’s favourite, I’m so glad that I finally made it mine. Whilst it may replace this deer dress on Christmas Day, I can’t wait to wear it in different ways over the festive season. (Yes, that’s now outfit number 2 I’ve planned just for Christmas Day, did you see my first?)
So, I want to know, what are you wearing this festive season? 
Post a comment or link me up! I’d love to see.
As always, much love,
Donna x 

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