Can you believe I’ve never been to our capital city? From Paris to Berlin, Krakow to Bratislava, Vienna to Amsterdam, Prague to Rome, Copenhagen to Munich… never London. Say what? Usually that admission causes raised eyebrows and rightly so. When asked, I’d always say, ‘It’s so expensive!’ or ‘I want to try a different culture,’ but as the years have passed, I’ve become curious about London. The city I know only from television, where punk was born and a hotbed of street art…it seems it was meant to be. So, when I priced up a weekend in London for a too good to be true price I just couldn’t resist…
Before Edinburgh, I’d never really travelled by train. Sure, I’d  visited my nearest cities but I’d never ventured far. I’ve decided that I quite like trains. Any mode of transport that allows me to sit back and relax whilst someone else takes the wheel is grand in my books. What started as an innocent browse on the Trainline website, a cup of coffee and a few custard creams, ended in a fully booked weekend away and bourbon biscuits too. Whoops. 

The boy and I are travelling down for Valentine’s weekend. Sure, it means one very early morning train and a budget hotel, but for two whole days exploring the capital for a meagre £50 each, well it has to be worth it. 

Are you planning any trips away this year?
Have you been to London? 
Can you recommend some places to visit?

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