100 Day Spending Ban :: I’m In!

Remember that time I gave up buying dresses for Lent?  As do I, my friend… As. Do. I. It was 40 days and 40 nights of cold turkey hell. My first mistake? I’d naively counted all of the dresses that I own. Who does that? Turns out I had over 100 and I felt guilty about it. Very guilty, especially about the ones with tags on. So I promised to stop buying lovely dresses for the Lenten period. Problem was, I’d explained to the children in my class how much I loved dresses and the promise I was making. I couldn’t back out.

So now, I’m telling you about my latest promise. Along with Rachel the Hat and Lena B, I’m banning myself from buying clothes, accessories and shoes for 100 days. Why? There are so many other things in my life that I want or need. So much of my disposable income is spent on clothes. Clothes that I don’t need, I just want. Like, really want. Moving on! So, as of Monday the 6th, I’m banned from such purchases. The only exception I am going to make is the purchase of a pair of work shoes. Exciting, I know. However, I won’t scrimp on something I wear for over 45 hours a week. Necessity ladies, necessity. 

(If you were wondering, yes I didn’t buy a single dress for the entire period. However, in the months that followed, I’ve made up for lost time. My collection is now at almost 70. Whoops!)
Coat :: Seasalt // Jumper :: George // Blouse :: Vero Moda // Skirt :: F&F // Boots :: Debenhams // Satchel :: Primark //

I think there comes a point in everyone’s life when you re-evaluate your spending habits and my point has arrived along with 2014. My New Year’s resolution is to become more financially responsible. Take care of my money a little more. It means that I’m going to have to delve deep into my wardrobe and make new outfits from old, but surely that can be fun?

On Sunday, the boy and I headed into Manchester. Mainly to overcome the dreaded back to school blues, partly to see the new piece of street art by EMA and Billy and Alex in the Northern Quarter. I was a magical combination of tired, cold and grumpy (also known as bitch). I pulled out this forgotten heart jumper, a collared blouse (surprise, surprise) and teamed it with a denim skirt I bought for summer but never dared wear (hello pasty legs!). Adding the raincoat for a pop of colour and some practicability. It’s not something I’d usually wear, I did feel a little twee, although I do love a good hearts and bows combination.

Tempted to give the 100 Day Spending Ban a Try? Join Rachel’s Twitter support group with the hashtag #100dayspendingban 
Wish me luck?
As always, much love,
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