Can You Stay Happy?

Can you stay happy for 100 days? The 100 Happy Days project challenges you to do just that by making the time to capture one happy moment per day. Among many claims, people who took the challenge noted an improvement of mood, an increased amount of compliments and an improved sense of optimism which made them appreciate the life they have. Happy for 100 days? Maybe, I’m a cynic but chances are, probably not. I’ve seen the question blogged and tweeted over the past week. Whilst I admire those that try, my belief is that it isn’t possible. When you take into account hormones, the unpredictable nature of others and the fact that life can be filled with ups and downs, to stay happy for 100 days seems like an impossibility for me.

However, can you take control of your mood? Take it by the horns and say, you know what? It’s rubbish feeling like this. What can I do to change it? Absolutely. January can be a pretty depressing month. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve had some down days this month.  So, rather than take a photograph every single day (because let’s face it, there are some days when I do nothing but work, eat and sleep) I’m going to immerse myself in the things that make me happy. 

:: family & friends :: music :: travel :: writing :: reading :: 
:: making myself financially secure :: 
Each and every week, you will see me post about these things. People claim they don’t have time in their lives to do the things that make them happy, but squeezing in fifteen minutes before bed to read the book you just can’t put down or listening to your favourite music whilst working, I believe will make a dramatic difference. 
You can stick your 100 days happy photograph challenge. 
If I can make myself happy most day, I’ll settle for that.
As always, much love,
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