Ever wondered how you’ll survive January? Because I have. With tomorrow being ‘Blue Monday’, hailed the most depressing day of the year, it also marks two weeks of the 100 day spending ban I’ve undertaken along with Rachel, Lena and Debbie. Not only is the weather grim, a flash of blue sky wouldn’t go amiss, but with pay day over a week away…I could do with a cheer me up. Enter brights, retro florals and bows. A combination that never seems far away, but always make me feel perky. This  dress was another of my Christmas Eve sale buys from Urban Outfitters. Reduced from £42, at £20 its retro floral print seemed the perfect addition for a wardrobe overrun by collars and polka dots. 

Since I can’t buy any new clothes, shoes or accessories for another 87 days, I’m remixing forgotten items to hopefully create new looks. Like this cotton blouse. Purchased from eBay over a year ago for about a fiver, this Charles Tyrwhitt blouse has a strong collar and huge cuffed sleeves. I love the masculinity of it, especially mixed with a feminine print. Until now, I’d never worn it. You know how it is though, with a brand new dress with tags just sitting waiting to be worn, I couldn’t wait until summer… its day had finally come. 

// Hat :: EBay // Blouse :: Charles Tyrwhitt via EBay // Bow :: Topshop // Dress :: Urban Outfitters // Ballet Shoes :: Primark // 

You may have noticed that recently, I’ve taken to wearing layered dresses, mainly with blouses. I love how feminine dresses are and I can no longer bear to squeeze into skinny jeans. It’s been a rainy weekend up here in the north, one that I’ve spent with the boy in Lancashire. Our days have mostly been spent planning our summer holiday, we’re hoping for three weeks travelling in southern Europe. As you can imagine, it’s a good job that I’ve curbed my spending as we’re going to need every penny! 
What are you wearing this cold, dreary January?

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